Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Utter nonsense

Homo sapiens apparently supposed to be the ‘knowing man’ or ‘wise man’.
- Such utter nonsense.
I wonder if there is a species called Homo insapiens or something of the sort which would mean the ‘unknowing’ man or foolish man.
I think that would be more befitting.

Wise man – can you imagine the audacity of this species to actually name itself wise!
So according to what our species are called every human being is wise.
You are wise if you are born a human being.
So much for working towards wisdom!

Homo sapiens – the most pompous, foolish and egotistic species to ever walk this planet (and all those places NASA claims to have send humans)
I am not partial to this species because I belong to it – that would be very unenlightened of me.
I am pretty sure Douglas Adams knew something about what is actually going on when he wrote that wonderful masterpiece – if you do not know which book I am referring to or have not read the book I am referring to you should think twice before calling yourself a Homo sapien (wise man!)

Humans have apparently achieved a lot since the Stone Ages.
I do not believe that statement.
What is the big difference since then?

- Technology?
But all that has done is: make us grow lazier while killing the planet.
Science is amazing but we have not reached anywhere: we are still stuck somewhere in the beginning of insignificant somewhere a long way from significant somewhere.

- Clothes?
But semi nudity is becoming chic.
And I personally believe it was way better during the Stone Ages.

- Easy living?
Whose life is easy?
Is your life easy to live?
Mine definitely is not.
I would any day prefer going hunting, fishing and walking around naked in the forest swatting mosquitoes to trying to make sense out of and memorising words I can’t pronounce which apparently originate from a language no human understands in the present day.

- Civilized being?
Humans are not civilized.
They try to be.
Deep within every human is that wild animal waiting to unleash itself.
We kill each other for entertainment for God’s sake!
Don’t believe me?
Think along the lines of a maniac named Bush.

- Money?
No comments.

- Culture / Arts?
They created more than we ever will. They took the first steps to what formed beautiful dances, paintings and stone carvings.

Homo sapiens are not wise men.
They are foolish and are growing more foolish by the day.
You are living proof for this fact.
Development – utter nonsense.

Two things are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the Universe – Albert Einstein

We are parasites.
We should call ourselves what we truly are.

That is the first step to ‘wisdom’.


^Lejin^ said...

Did u lose a test or sth?
Or r u angry @ someone Intelligent?
Dint U study the Human Brain!?! The amount of Complexity enables a human to be wiser than all other species on Earth(maybe Wise is relative), but frm the stone ages, to where v are right now?The growth has been exponential, but it appears saturated now.Even" Medicine" wudnt ve progressed without TECHNOLOGY.

I frankly dont think u support ur cause with a lot of Info..just a lot of ur "Bullshittin"- it wins u stuff rite?;)

Id really love if u cud follow up on ur claim with research. :)

Another Blogger said...

i never lose any tests.
i never have or will become angry at anyone intelligent.
i am a third year medical student, do you think i would have gotten so far without learning the human brain?

complexity does not mean wisdom - simplicity is true wisdom.

how can you claim humans are the wisest of all species when you don't even know all the species that exist on Earth alone?!
the so called growth you are talking about is so insignificant that if you wonder about where all this 'exponential growth' is leading us you will find yourself reaching no answer whatsoever.
i agree medicine would not have progressed without technology, but what good is medicine other than increasing the human population and figuring out things that really do not need figuring out?!

information and research does not prove anything. first try reasoning. without reasoning no amount of information will help you support your case.

satheesh said...

now, wasn’t that a little too harsh!

you shouldn’t be so disillusioned at your age :)

-can’t deny the facts- instead of stones we use the nuke to kill now - sophistication in protocol, and nothing else it seems.

yet – there was one who spoke of sorrow and of its elimination long, long ago, and he was human (perhaps the only one?)

-believe me, I may not care about adam douglas and locke, but I know this one.

-dreamt of him once, way back, (call it meditation)- Infinite compassion in his eyes....... (isn’t that the whole of wisdom?)…..couldn’t reach the same heights again, may have become unwise.

people call him enlightened (perhaps not unlike you !) : )

-glad the blog is thriving.

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

hmm..I say you have reached the height of pessimism. Never the less i Would not disagree with you!..its exactly the way i think too!!.we humans think we run the world thanks to our brain power and technology. What we fail to realize is that we are nothing without the other things that constitute an ecosystem!!

k.ø.c.h.ü said...


^Lejin^ said...

Humans are Intelligent, not all Wise..
Technology feeds the basic human desires(& those arent constructive either).
Where r v headed with our Intelligence?
When u think even a half dead Virus can wipe out the entire human race?!?..hmm..Goes back to the age old question - Wat r v livin for other than for Death? No wonder NASA is after E.T. and Evolutionists goin after Intelligent Design theory..

Chasing my shadow said...

“We are parasites.
We should call ourselves what we truly are.”

Cutting, cutting another blogger!

In our infinitesimal intellectual prowess we lie prostrate at your feet and beg for your mercy.

We plead you, no more! We are vanquished, outdone, decimated and shredded

We die

“ O Xerxes bring in the goblet of hemlock

I die,

Friends, don’t forget to insert an ‘animal’ into your definition of man.

And Plato, never teach that to Aristotle

Where is Hippocrates- I prophesy, there would be some one called another blogger in your wake.

My eyes are clouding -

I die

I once stood for days on a spot trying to dispel my gargantuan stupidity

Then I heard the oracle speak

O Socrates you are the wisest

I doubted it no end. Did some “pooch-thatch” with the eminent

Thus did I gather-

I was definitely the wisest

-For I at least knew that I wasn’t wise.

Others didn’t even that

My legs are numb

I die

Crito I go- tell Xanthippe to look after our dumb children.”

Rineez said...

Here's a Peace of wisdom for u..
Humans are born wise
they just grow up stupid..
so is my belief

I bet 90% people who read this comment will care more about the spelling mistake i made at Peace than what's written below it..
For some mysterious reasons humans are always more intrested in seeking out mistakes of others..than their wisdom.
The most attractive stupid part of human nature.. aint it? :-p

Another Blogger said...

@satheesh reality is always harsh, my friend.

the disillusioned according to the disillusioned ones is not disillusioned after all...
so it is a shame i seem disillusioned to you... at your age.

and as far as the Enlightened one is concerned... i think he rocks!

I'm glad the blog is thriving too!!

@the genesis of oblivion this is not pessimism - it is called reasoning out the bare truth.

and as far as humans being dependent on the ecosystem - i couldn't agree more!
not only do we depend on it we actually destroy it in the process.

Hence i call humans parasites.

@k.o.c.h.u somehow your comment reminds me of what i would say when i push someone down a pit full of shit - funny thought.

@lejin my dear friend 'homo sapiens' literally means wise man or thinking man.
we are pompous enough to name our species the 'wise ones' when we do not even know all the species existing on earth.

till date we have not done anything other than discover what already exists and figure out how it works or invent something which will help make us lazier.

we have not done anything substantial which can be of service for the planet we live in. man cares only for himself and destroys anything which threatens his survival - this is not intelligent, nor is it wise.

we will not 'progress' according to the current state of being.

@chasing my shadow first - i love your name. makes my totally out of control imagination come alive.
as the disclaimer in my title description mentions : i am not all knowing as the less knowing claim, i just seem to know more than everybody else.
as for wisdom - wisdom is tough..
knowing you are not wise is the beginning of wisdom.

@rineez i thought you meant the 'peace' as an instrument for bringing in the effect of a pun there - but you disappointed me.

you claim babies are more wise than adult humans!!
this is outrageous.
i am the last person you should put forth such a notion to. humans may not be wise but they definitely are smarter than 'cry for everything', 'don't give a damn about others just get attention' and 'self obsessed' poop machines.
i completely disagree with you.

as for the human nature - the only thing that attracts me is how most of them do shut up when you ask them to.

KeyzEr SoZe said...

Nietzsche would have bowed to u had he been alive and not turning over in his grave after readin this post.

Another Blogger said...

Too bad he is dead.

Elessar 7663436 said...

its not very wise calling ourselves wise,I agree- but who cares?- most of us didn't even know this till u pointed it out. And btw, it was not a result of an international poll tht lead to this- so why blame "us" instead of a group of individuals? I won't go further cos I fear smart reply from yet another enlighted one;)

the Douglas effect wears off after some time- to me he was clever- to realize that though we hate someone insulting us as an individual, specific grps,etc; we dont mind-actually like it when som1 insults the entire human race.

I believe there's no selfless deed. I remember agent smith's dialogue that compares us to viruses- infecting and spreading around while undesired by nature. I agree with u on tht to some extent.
stone age to present- evolution, my friend- our minds have developd. For them it was all abt the next meal- fr us its a little dif. Oc, the rest I need not elaborate
@others: u talk of devlpmnt. Wth is it, I ask- probably highlighting a few graphs with upward trend while hiding the rest! True development is more happiness in an average man's life, I believe

@yab: Read timeline(michael Crichton) nd u feel like the present is way bettr. I agree abduction(robin cook) makes u feel the oppst. Net result: we are moving forward, though sometimes acceleration is -ve.

Another Blogger said...

We might not have had a say when we named ourselves the wise ones.
but we do have a say now.

if we have progressed and our 'minds' have evolved into something more developed then we should correct the mistakes committed.
we should agree that naming our species the wise man is actually ignorant and change it.

but how many of these creatures with minds that have evolved into something more developed have noticed this huge error and taken a step towards correcting it?

Douglas according to you might have written the book with just the public reaction in mind .
but to me he wrote that book because he did understand the insignificance of man and did not quite bother to make it sound flowery.

For the viruses it just the next meal and for us it is no different - it is just survival.

Both Timeline and Abduction are well written books. Though Abduction had me quite frustrated in the end.
It is fiction.

I do not agree about negative acceleration though - there is no velocity for there to be acceleration - it is just a farce.

Elessar 7663436 said...

we do have a say now, I agree. But correcting that mistake "now" would be a greater mistake. Historically there have been many mistakes like "Red Indians", etc(u know of more, I am sure). However just imagine the amount energy and resources used for such a silly process to reverse a mistake of the same kind. Just imagine a third person commentary- "they even damage the environment to call themselves unwise!"
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. -shkspear
We are what we are- a name some group of individuals chose doesn't really change anything (and its too late to change it anyways)

I still bliv tht our minds have developed- in general. Our power of reasoning has increased as reflected by scientific advances(mind you- not technological)
to be dominant figure in the society- at first it was just raw muscle power. Added to later was being leaders or rulers(or part of their family)ie, political influence. Then, wealth and now- education. A combination of all will be excellent, no doubt; however it is good to observe tht the latter ones are diminishing the former.
this, along with the fact that the "share and care" principle is extending from a small family to the entire human community-a lil thnx to globalisation. Hopefully in future we may be able to communicate with other beings on earth(ants,maybe?!(fascinating creatures, I must say))

Forget my predictions abt an unknown future. Just compare these situations in past to the present. Furthermore, decrease in racial and gender discrimination(oh tht reminds me- I hope Obama wins) and improved justice and fairness are clear signs of improvement- forward movement- velocity.

we are shedding our pretentious self-obsession and have started to consider ourselves a part of nature and not its master.
We're not perfected creations delivered from heaven. we are, like any other animal- evolving to become truly homo sapiens;)

Another Blogger said...

'silly' mistake - not so silly!
'third person commenting' - you have a wild imagination to think of a non-homo sapien 'commenting' on something so 'silly'.
somehow, i believe, if we were given a chance today to mane our species we would make the same little 'silly' mistake.

and as for what shakespeare said - i do like the guy but we seem to have our tiffs.
he did not understand the true meaning of many of those things he wrote - read my 'love' series of three posts.
a name may not matter as far as the sweetness of smell of a rose is concerned - but a name does speak about the sweetness in a way every person, even one who might have not smelt a rose would understand.

I take it you are a skinny person with no family political influence, a little more than average amount of money and lots of education - that is why you would be thrilled by the current state of gaining power.
a man's inherent virtue which helps him survive calamity was considered his power back then.
today it is the same.
you might call it different names and i think it is going to be called money for a long time now.

share and care - sure.
globalisation caring for the whole world - sure sure.
that is a load of bullshit.
at the end of the day only one thing matters and that is how you have a better chance at survival - and no 'share' nor 'care' is going to come into the picture then.

racial discriminations - i don't think that existed in stone ages. as for gender discrimination - division of labour helped.
and like it or not men are different from women - deal with it.

"we are, like any other animal- evolving to become truly homo sapiens"
-Pretentious self obssession.

elessar 659 said...

I cant force a person to think along my lines;however i believe tht everything observed has an effect on us- however small it may be.

You dont think racial discrimination existed in stone age?- We have really less information about Stone age. I dont think a man even saw someone of different race[this was the reasn for some confusion abt races affecting evolution coz scientists reasoned that natural selection would not have favored the evolution , because most of the earliest humans, who lived in Africa, would never have met a member of a different race.]
As for the gender issue- my purpose was to highlight better justice and equality.

load of bullshit to u maybe. Hwever it was those ppl who were looked upon as self-centered otherwise who became saviors during Katrina. There are many who may actually be narrow-minded and self-centered-but u seem to be oblivious to others who have dedicated their lives to help others. It is unjust to generalize your opinion of mankind as a whole by ignoring them.

u think that survival is only aim of human beings? That acc to me is truly unwise! I dnt claim tht i know the purpose of our life for sure. Even if i knew- there's no way i can prove it. i have my beliefs...you have yours-but i'm quite confident that isn't urs. [if so, no more comments-i found the beginnin of the disagreement]

I think the word "dominating" ignited the Holmes in you;) but lemme make it clear(er)- I merely intended to compare the usual requirements ppl need to bring about a change.

i still bliv it is silly coz it is silly-foolish. I prfctly agree tht its quite an incompatible name, infact there are many ppl who think it shud have been homo politicus. But enforce a change now? Changing tht wud be foolish again coz we'd be doin tht at the cost of hell lot of energy and resources(reprinting millions of books,etc)

As for the last statement- i guess the "like any animal" has some purpose:)

You seem to have a very cynical view of the world. I was too- until recently. But you are a different individual and may remain rooted to ur currnt bliefs fr the rest of your life.
This is wat my fav author tells-(It has negligible relevance or importance here):
For myself, I find I become less cynical rather than more… and realize that men’s hearts are not often as bad as their acts, and very seldom as bad as their words. - JRR Tolkien

PS: On a lighter note: How did you guess my being skinny? i mean, all other assumptions are based on observations that i believe i am aware of. But how in the world did u come to such a precise(not accurate, mind you;) conclusion?

Another Blogger said...

i like the way you are not letting me have the last word.
i do not like the way your comments are growing longer and longer. my attention span is one of a goldfish (about 4 to 7 seconds) and your comments really prolong my agony.

you can never make me think on anyone's lines except my own - and honestly i love the way i think - which is not very highly about the way you think ;)

now one para at a time:

racial discrimination - did not exist in the stone ages.
you agree with me on that.
true - people of one race might not have had the slightest clue another race existed. but the point here is not that. the point here is they existed in harmony.
maybe their ignorance was bliss. what did aficans achieve from 'discovering' caucasians? 100 years of slavery?
true - slavery is not there anymore. but i would not agree if you say there is no more racial discrimination. it does exist and every person deep down inside knows it.
if you do not i shall cite examples in the next comment.
as for gender discrimination you speak of justice and equality. people in the stone ages used to treat women with respect. it is the dark ages when females were treated like...rubbish.
during the stone ages there was clear distribution of work and no man could live without his woman cooking nor any woman live without her man who brought the food - sometimes mutual dependence is the solution for almost all problems. if we had mutual dependence existing in todays marriage, believe me, divorce attorneys would make much lesser money.

what have those people who you have mentioned achieved?
those selfless helpful people who actually cared?
they may have died with a smile on their face - maybe.
some history book somewhere might hold a place for their name in some forgotten corner.
did it help them?
deep down inside every single creature has one and only one thing which is placed above everything else - his own life.
every act of yours is committed only for one target - a better survival for yourself. it might be 'unwise' according to you. but i do not believe in flowery words or optimism. i do not believe in pessimism either. i believe in things the way they are.
at the end of the day there is only one person who will 'be there' for you - and that is yourself.
learn this now and you'll be better off later.

the point is how many people do think of it as wrong? how many humans would actually agree that naming us 'homo sapiens' is actually a mistake. i don't think many. you might say if we it did not include all the 'waste of resources' we would. i disagree.

'like any other animal' - sure.
but honestly, arguments aside, you believe we have a better chance at 'evolving to become truly homo sapiens' than any other species - that is what is pretentious self obsession.

I am not cynical. i am a realist.
men's hearts are not bad nor are their acts and least of all their words. it is not 'bad' to care for one's own survival. it is the way nature made us. and i believe it is the way we should accept ourselves to be.

"to be dominant figure in the society- at first it was just raw muscle power. Added to later was being leaders or rulers(or part of their family)ie, political influence. Then, wealth and now- education. A combination of all will be excellent, no doubt; however it is good to observe tht the latter ones are diminishing the former"
a person who obtains solace from this obviously does not have much 'muscle power'- hence the conclusion of you being skinny.

i seem to pay attention to every word written in spite of my frustrating attention span.
how very pleasing.

KeyzEr SoZe said...

all u jobless ppl read my blog!
tats all i have to say to that

Another Blogger said...

@keyzer soze: you whore!

elessar 42779 said...

Oh no, you may have the last laugh, ab-this shud be my last post. glad to know u dont have any objections(some bloggers relly get hyper!)
I said racial discrmntion has decreased, not tht its no more. this together with end of slavery indictes postive change-velocity. the dark age was the time of negative acceleration.
good point on mutual dependence, i must say

abt the other animals evolving to be wise- Pls dont confuse my beliefs with wat may be urs. Believe it or not- i dont think we have an advantage or tht we have more chances to be truly sapient or wise. Forget out of the world possibilities- even ON earth! There are so many unknown beings in the deep oceans. even among the known- maybe giant squids or ants!

deep down inside every single creature has one and only one thing which is placed above everything else - his own life.every act of yours is committed only for one target - a better survival for yourself.
tht is the parent disagreement- your fundamental belief-that leads to withdrawal of my voice frm this discussn
i ges- all the rest are more or less "u say yes; i say no" kinda situations.

and btw, you do make fine obsrvtns by "paying attention to every word". Thats useful...but only if u make the right deduction. i ain't muscular-very true...but for tht matter i ain't skinny too- tho i would love to be! (-try overweight;)

PS: this is intended to be the last post here. in an very unlikely case where my reply is awaited- all i can say is- wait for a long time!

Another Blogger said...

i don't like it when they let go without being convinced.
it makes me dissatisfied.
well, as you say, you can have your point of view while i can have mine.. but frankly - mine is way better than yours ;)

as for the 'known intelligent ones' i would like to add mice and dolphins - they are personal favorite contestants in the sapient contest.

the 'parent' disagreement - i maybe too harsh on my perception of observations made, but you are too soft - i would have used the word naive instead but generally guys dislike being called naive (i have no idea why!)

skinny or not, you are no muscle man - and i was right about that. worth the attention.

what do the numbers on your name imply? why do they keep changing?
i can't seem to get the pattern - is there any?

Rineez said...

aah back here again at last.
after long time
and really funny how i got here.
I searched Google for my name rineez
and i found this comment here by another blogger listed in the first page itself.

so i am bak. :-D

aah.. and that old piece of crap i dropped here.. a pleasure to see still lies uncleaned. :-P

i guss may be we will have to redefine the term wisdom. :-P

It's so relative a term. I think every one is wise in their own perspective. But it seems in ur own perspective there are other animals on earth who could b considered wiser than humans and hence humans are supposed to change our scientific name.

what do u expect this to bring about?
You said in ur reply to me that Humans are smarter than 'cry for everything', 'don't give a damn about others just get attention' and 'self obsessed' poop machines.
I bet you cried lesser when u wer younger :-D.

Now just look at yourself what are you doin? Even in this post of yours crying about a silly naming.
It is we Humans who decided to put scientific names for all living and non living things, so obviously we chose the best name for our selves.
Think for a second and tell me.. Who decided what the meaning of homo sapience should be?
it is we humans who made languages also.. right?
so even if another name was put the meanings given to it will always be the best possible one.
Thats simply another human nature. we always tend to choose the best for ourselves.
Or would u choose to call urself 'the stupid one' if you ever got an opportunity to name ur self??

Rineez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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