Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Today is the 10th of September.
I just realised that.
I also realised from the dates shown in my blog that I started blogging on 10th of August.
I then realised that this is my 30th post.
After all these realisations I am in awe that I have been (taking an average) posting everyday!
And I thought I wouldn’t have anything to blog about! Ha! - Misconception.

But this post is not about how wonderful a blogger I am – it is about how I almost always manage to get myself lost.

My sense of direction… well, I don’t have much of a sense of direction.
Tell me about a place I have been to and my imagination starts working:
- I can tell you how the place looks
- I can tell you how the place smells
- I can tell you how the place feels
- I can tell you how the place sounds
- I can tell you how the place tastes (wtf?!)
- But I can never, never-ever, never-ever-ever tell you how to get there unless it is within my line of sight (and I am short sighted!)

I have gotten lost more than a million times – and that is not an exaggerated statement. Some of my visits to the ‘lost land’ have been more memorable than others.

Two years ago:
It was my second day of clinical posting in the District Government Hospital. On my first day I had been asked to leave since I got late. The reason for being late was surprisingly not because I had overslept. It was because the goddamn hospital was a maze!!! I had spent half an hour trying to find the ward I was posted in. This was why I was late; this was why I had gotten ‘kicked out’ of class. But on the second day I was determined to get it right. I knew where I had to go. I knew everything about the ward, except how to get there. I started off on my ‘amazing race’ one hour in advance. I asked for help from every second person I saw – which resulted in me changing my direction after every second step I took. After half an hour (not exaggerated) I realised two things:
1) I was going in circles because I passed the same stupid board in some godforsaken language at least ten times!
2) I looked like I just got off a three hour tiring workout.
I sat. I sat for 15 minutes hoping the ward would jus appear in front of me. I sat hoping I could just tell something funny and be transported to where I was supposed to be.
And then it happened.
I saw a friend!
She took me by hand and dropped me off at my posting – my guardian angel!
She did that for all 45 days of my posting in that ward.
And believe me I still do not know how to get there!

One year ago:
We were at an inter college competition in CMC, Vellore.
We included eight guys from my college and me.
I overslept on the second day. I had to get to a competition I was supposed to participate in at 9:30 am. It was 8:30 am when I woke up. I got out of my temporary abode before 9:00, now I had to find where the auditorium was.
I walked and walked and walked.
I searched and searched and searched.
Finally I got to the canteen – time for breakfast!
I had breakfast and bumped into a fellow college mate. If there is one person on Earth who has a worse sense of direction than me – it’s him.
It was 9:30 am already, but since all the events always began late, we had time.
We started walking in circles and we knew we were walking in circles, but we didn’t have a choice. We even considered getting a spool of thread to mark where we are going, but then since we were going in circles we decided it wouldn’t really help.
Finally we asked a volunteer (they were a scarce race!) where the auditorium was. Turned out to be the big building we were walking around for the past half an hour.
We never talked about this incident much after that.

My friends have all gone home – thanks to the festival called Onam. I had to get work done. I had to get some cloth and then go to the tailor. I knew exactly where to I had to go. I started walking at 4:30 pm.
I walked to the cloth store – that is when it all started going wrong.
They did not have what I wanted. They always do – but today, when I am walking alone, they don’t!
I ask them where I can get what I need and walk on. Fifteen minutes at a brisk pace and I am not entirely sure where I am. Then all hell broke loose.
It started raining.
It started raining cats and dogs. I walked almost completely drenching myself before I found shelter. And all I could think all along was about the three colourful, beautiful umbrellas in my room – bought one every year in Mangalore, used none till date.
Once the rain stopped I noticed I was in a cloth shop – yes, it took me that long to realise it. I asked them what I wanted and they had it. I bought it.
And surprise!! Two of my college mates come along. I talk to them for ten minutes (at least five minutes person) and I walk on. It took me another five minutes to remember I was lost and by then it was too late – I couldn’t find the cloth shop or my college mates anywhere. I cursed myself for not asking them, when I could, where in the world I was!!! I remember taking a lot of turns and finally I just stopped trying.
I decided I had reached ‘lost land’, again.
I walked to an auto rickshaw told where I wanted to go. Barely a minute in the rickshaw and I reach. 13 bloody rupees (minimum charge in Mangalore) down the drain thanks to my sense of direction. I went to the tailor and walked back.
I didn’t lose my way.

I’m tired now.
I am tired after walking the distance of almost the whole of Karnataka in a 10 metre radius.
I am tired of me being lost almost every time I try not to be.
I am tired of my lamentable sense of direction which always seems to take me in circles.

I have now decided to always take the path which I think wrong, maybe then I’ll reach somewhere!


KeyzEr SoZe said...

for a 1 post per day blogger- u are pretty good!
keep up!

Another Blogger said...

thank you.. thank you... :)

you seem to be one among the 'almost enlightened' ones..

Zanil Hyder said...

One post a Day,

you deserve a pat on your back.
Certainly you can be titled a blogger.

Continue the Good work.

Another Blogger said...

titled a blogger???
i thought i got that title a month back wen i started blogging and amed myself 'another BLOGGER'

thanks for the pat on the back - i deserve it lol :)

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

You already know that i think you are good at blogging!! i am not gonna compliment you!!..For a person who claims to be an out of a world explorer!!..U REALLY SUCK AT DIRECTIONS!!..well you know doesnt matter cos who knows..someday even u may discover a new place like how columbus did!!!..and also remind me to get u a GPS collar tag for ur birthday!![:P]..i think they sell that in Pet stores in japan now..anyways, an excellent post!!

Another Blogger said...

thanks!! :)

well an out of the world explorer need not be too good at exploring in this world!!

i will discover a new place.. it will be called nowhere!!! and i have a feeling columbus wasn too good wit directions either!!!

as for the gps collar, u need not go all the way to japan to get a gift for me... id rather just be in 'lost land' than look like im a pet!!!

Arjun said...

haha... U r awesome..!!
Am really amazed ....
Ur new decision( or conclusion) will take u places (literally).....

I loved this line - I am tired after walking the distance of almost the whole of Karnataka in a 10 metre radius. lolz

Keep the 'post a day' comin..


Another Blogger said...

I do hope my conclusion takes me places, anywhere other than 'lost land' will do!

as for the line u liked.. i think the truth is always funny because it is bitter :P

thanks :)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

de conclusion was kinda cool...he he...gr8 confidence..!!! so here's a HI 4 ye...linked..!!!

acidVox said...

i lost my way from a social networking site - to a society for high iq people - and then back to blogspot !

i wandered over my own blog , turned a few pages here and there , clicked on glittering lines , dodged a virus attack , and finally fell into your blog.

in the end , just want to say :

dont stop !

M!ThUn said...

i didn know u wer the me kaun hoon me kahan hoon type....:p cheers... miss blogger....MIt

Another Blogger said...

kochu: thanks. the post led to the conclusion so if u liked the conclusion it means u liked the post - really. n i read the linked 'hi' for me.. thanks. i would prefer it without the exclamation marks and the question mark though, makes my name look like a word of abuse.

acidvox: im glad u 'fell' into my blog. if u found my blog link from the site for high iq people - im happier - cos something good turned out of that shit hole of egoistic brats. and i hope you continue falling for a long time. thanks.

m!thun:hey im not the mein kahan hoon mein kaun hoon type!!! i know exactly who i am - the enlightened one.
and i know exactly where i am.
it is just that i dont know how i got here or how to get anywhere!!

prathap said...

to avoid going in circles, look for multi coloured microbes.

whoa chindu, the entertainiest blog i've bin through.

Another Blogger said...

ahh!!! what a wonderful idea... thanks a lot prathap chettha!!

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