Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My Cellular story


My story begins in a little shop in the streets of Dubai.
I am not the best looking nor am I the most expensive of many of my kind in the shop.
But I am cute. And I am sort of expensive.
Maybe that was why the Brat chose me to be hers.
Apparently she had just lost her last one in a rickshaw without even realising she had left the poor thing there.
All I could think of was whether I was doomed to have a similar fate awaiting me… ending up in a rickshaw, uncared for.
The Brat begged and pleaded for me.
I thought maybe this was it - I would finally get all the attention I deserved…
I became hers.

The first few months were wonderful.
The Brat used me well.
She was almost always using me.
She saved all sorts of stuff in me.
Good messages, bad messages, good memories, bad memories, beautiful photos, ugly photos (of the Brat), good songs, bad songs (sung by the Brat) – she put all of it in me.

Time flew by and one day she tried to make me fly.
The Brat flung me across God alone knows what.
It hurt.
It hurt so bad I couldn’t display what I felt for a week.
The Brat got me fixed paying quite a bit – serves her right.

But soon this kept repeating itself. I had to keep getting myself repaired. Each time the Brat paid for me I felt good about it. She actually cared about me.
But I hated the way the guys who repaired me kept looking through my insides.
It felt like they were invading my privacy.

The Brat stopped using me the way she used to after a while.
My battery had a slight problem.
I kept going off whenever I felt like.
The Brat didn’t bother repairing me this time.
She had gotten herself a much uglier and cheaper one to replace me. She used me only to use all the stuff she saved in me or to play the games she always beat me at.
I felt betrayed.
I was supposed to be the only one.

The Brat’s birthday was approaching and I wanted to do something special for her so that she would realise how important I was to her.
I made a plan.
She was on her way to a party with her friend when I crept out of her hand bag under the car seat.
It stank and it was dirty.
But I had to surprise her for her birthday.
After the party she realised I was not with her anymore.
You should have seen her face! It was so hilarious!
Poor Brat! She went all over the city looking for me.
She even went to the venue of the party thrice!!!
It was fun watching her care for me so much, even though I didn’t quite like my place of hiding.
She even got her idiotic friend to search the car.
But I hid myself well.

One month of hiding in that god forsaken place.
She hurt everyday.
I know she missed me.

Finally I made sure the car servicing guys found me – on her birthday.
The Brat’s friend returned me to her the day after her birthday.
And what I saw on her face was worth every moment of hiding myself under that dirty car seat.
I think it is the best birthday gift she has gotten this year.
And I, her mobile, gave it to her.
Beat that!


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

cool...!!! Cell luver ha..!!! welcum 2 de party..!!! chk dis out..u hav 2::


Another Blogger said...

oh... funny there is a striking similarity between the two posts..

but there is a big difference..
i still have my beauty with me...

Anonymous said...

Seems to have taken my comment to heart! No further posts!

I am grieved, and contrite and taking back my comment on holidays and doctors.

Let us have holidays by all means!

Now, Can you handle a compliment? Here it comes.

I am rather envious of you. You seem to be in communion with the Goddess of muse while you write, well, may be not entirely, but you are just about there!

Coming from one who once wanted to create blazing stars out of words it’s a pretty good compliment you know.

Make me come back to your lovely little blog please.

Rineez said...

haah :-)

What More to say..
Damn I've ur blog in my bookmarks-The least used feature in my browser.

Come to think of it, i hurt my mobile a lot. But lol everyone knows what the Book of Relationships says.

Another Blogger said...

anonymous: thanks for the pretty good compliment i appreciate it... really :)
but, no human anonymous or not shall keep me from enlightening you poor souls... without me you would be lost... so don't worry im back n blogging. had some 'extra curricular' activities to deal with :)

rineez: i don't use the bookmarks feature too... so im honoured to have my blog there in urs!! i understand how privileged a status it is :)
as for the book of relationships... ur mobile will get back at you, its jus a matter of time .. lol :)

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