Friday, 5 September 2008

What a day!

This day is not today.
It was a few days back.
For several moments during the course of the day I was under the misconception that this was the worst day of my life, but it kept getting worse.
I am absolutely in no doubt that worse days are to come, sooner rather than later.
Here goes:

For the past few days I am fasting. This is as a part of my annual cleansing therapy – mental and physical. This fast requires me to wake up before sunrise to eat after which I eat/drink only after sunset.
Temptations taunt most when you are most likely to be tempted.

- The day before had ended late. Thanks to my internet connection not working I was on my phone for three hours continuously and slept peacefully ignorant of what awaits me.

- I woke up at 8:40 am to realise two disturbing facts:
1) I had missed my daily uptake of nutrition before sunrise.
2) I had exactly 30 minutes to get my ass down at clinical posting failing which I would end up adding 6 more months of unbearable torture to my academic life – thanks to my commendable status of attendance.

- My toothpaste had gotten over. A little bit of blue goo was all I asked for, just so that I wouldn’t have to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the day. Three heroes came to the rescue of the damsel in distress:
1) Hero number one: My teeth. The hero struggled against the unyielding plastic tube. The hero failed miserably and managed to present me with a head splitting toothache.
2) Hero number two: My ass. I sat on the damn thing hoping to get some blue goo out of the damn tube. Hero number two failed miserably after several attempts.
3) Hero number three: Pair of scissors. I cut the tube open and in the process cut a bit of my finger too. Hero number three succeeded taking a bit of my finger as reward.
I brushed with a mixture of blue goo toothpaste and blood.
It was disgusting.

- I reached for clinical posting on time – wow! Class went on forever. My stomach started growling ferociously and I started hallucinating about food – visual, auditory, tactile and gustatory hallucinations. I sat down unable to bear the burden of my hallucinations. I forced myself not to fall prey to temptation. I am not supposed to feel hungry nor am I to voice my woe. Class ended without me realising what it was about – attendance was given to all - I walked back to hostel wondering why this never happened when I am absent.

- I felt like blogging. My bloody internet connection was still in a state of defiance.
I slept – frustrated because I wanted to blog.
I started this blog so that I could vent my frustrations and here it was leading me into frustration.
My frustrated life!

- I went for class half awake. Almost fell into a ditch on the way, thanks to the innumerable number of times they renovate roads in Mangalore – reached, still half awake and unhurt.
The class was boring – as usual.

- I decided to get my net working again. I decided to walk 2 kms to my service provider.
I walked, walked and walked.
The customer service counter was empty.
The sales counter had a female with an artificial smile behind it.
The payment counter had a female with an ‘I don’t know how I got here’ expression behind it.
I went to the sales counter and tried explaining my problem.
She told me to go to the payment counter.
I went to the payment counter and tried explaining my problem.
She told me to go to the customer care counter.
I went to the customer care counter and waited.
I waited.
Finally, a lady with an ‘I hate you for disturbing me’ expression asks me what my complaint is.
I explain.
She starts telling me about all the new offers available.
After a minute of hearing what she had to say, I got the feeling she would not stop. I interrupted her monologue to explain my problem again. She told me to wait for ‘Madam’.
So I waited.
After half an hour of waiting the monologue lady takes me to an ‘I think I am a stud’.
I wonder if he is ‘Madam’ and why he is called ‘Madam’.
Anyway I explain my problem to him.
He tells me he needs to have a look at my modem.
I tell him I have a wireless connection.
He starts explaining why he can’t do anything without having a look at my modem.
I tell him I have a wireless connection.
He tells me he can help only if I bring my modem.
I tell him I have a wireless connection.
Finally I get the message across and he tells me they do not deal with wireless connections there and that I should contact my college computer authority. And then he asks my name. I entertained two thoughts:
1) to walk away
2) to tell him to get a life and walk away
I walked away.
I was too tired already.
I walked, walked and walked.
I reached college and enquired about the connection problem at the computer department. I got a phone number in return. The phone number was to help me in case I had any trouble.

- I reached hostel, almost falling into a ditch again.
I switch on my computer.
My net is working.
Two hours of patience flushed down a dirty toilet!

- I start blogging. I forget about time.
I start chatting. I forget about time.
At 9:00 pm I realise I haven’t eaten anything. And I’m supposed to be a glutton – almost.
I eat, eat and eat.
I fall asleep on my laptop to wake up at 8:30 am to realise three very disturbing facts:
1) I slept with my lenses on and now they’re stuck to my eyes.
2) I missed my daily uptake of nutrition before sunrise – again.
3) I have exactly 40 minutes to get to clinical posting.

Life – no comments.


KeyzEr SoZe said...

pretty nice! [:)]
3 heroes cud have been avoided,and some lies about the the stud askin u out are pretty evident too!
btw dint u sms me at 12 am that day?? lol.or maybe it was the day dont start!
keep rantin!

Another Blogger said...

thanks ;)

well, i dint lie bout the stud askin me out cos he dint..
the 'i think i am a stud' asked my name!!! and i have clearly mentioned so.. :)

now that i think about it i did sms u at 12 am that very day... talk about bad beginnings!

M!ThUn said...


Another Blogger said...

well it wasn't so amusing... ;)

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

lol..a series of unfortunate events!!..wonderful post!!.however i must agree to keyzer soze!!..u cud hav avoided d 3 heroes!!..I loved d post cos of two reasons!!!
1.i loved reading d fact tht u wer miserable!![:P]
2. misery well scripted!!..[:D] although d first reason is more prevalent!!..jk..[:P]

Another Blogger said...

what do u all have against my three heroes??.. they at least tried to help me unlike you people!!!!!!!

enjoy my misery while you can... :P

gayathri said...

heyy female,how is it that you still manage to make it to ur classes daily even after patting all the trivia of ur life..??you could almost make a 2.5hrs commercial movie with just your one day routine..

Another Blogger said...

finally one person understands the torture of livin my life!!!.. you see, this is why i barely get to class!! - the exact reason why im on the verge of being detained for attendance shortage!!
and as for the 2.5 commercial movie... i hv more of a story goin on than a commercial movie!!.. believe me!!

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