Saturday, 26 September 2009

Get a life!

More than six bloody long months since I blogged last.
I disconnected my internet connection as a part of my ‘final year slogging’ routine.
Last night I decided I’d continue blogging and post them later on – ‘later on’ being when I get over this phase of my life which could, quite appropriately, be called ‘living hell’.

Past six months in brief:
It is my last year in college and day after day I am becoming more aware of how the past four and half years in medical school have been such a waste because I seem to not know anything about anything. My ignorance scares me – in addition to scaring my professors, my family and my future patients.
College sucks.
Lovelife was, is and (to my absolute relief) will remain as Rembrandts very aptly put it in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. theme song ‘dead on arrival’.
Birthday was spent as a glutton.
Depression is rampant.
Bickering is infinite.
Sleep is the only solution – which is scarce, thanks to being an insomniac.
Life, basically, has come to a standstill.

Past six months – not worth blogging about.

My imagination, however, has not let me down.
Very often I think of many things to blog about.
Don’t seem to remember any now.

What I would really like right now would be to ‘get a life’.
It is a phrase that is so often used amongst the ‘cool dudes’ as a derogatory comment towards ‘losers’ that until recently I didn’t really think about what it meant.
Now why would you tell somebody to ‘get a life’?
Obviously it is sort of a piece of advice.
Get a life because you don’t have one and badly need one or maybe because you don’t have a functional or satisfactory ‘life’.
It would be similar to telling someone to get a laptop instead of a PC or to get a microwave instead of an oven or to get a room instead of…
On second thought cancel off the last example – it is inappropriate.

So I need to get a life.
Not that I don’t have one already.
I do have a really slow and a constantly malfunctioning life which obviously needs to be either replaced or renewed.
Replacement is my only option because, frankly, I do not believe in recycled material. No matter what you environmentalists think, recycled material is second hand material.
And I like first hand.
Second hand is unbearable even if it was ‘first handed’ by me (weird thought).
So it is a complete no to recycling this existing life.
I should get rid of it and then get a new one.
Now the question is whether I should get rid of this life before getting a new one or should I try out the new one and make sure it is properly functioning before getting rid of this life.
The logical option would be the latter.

So currently my plan is to think of ways in which I should get rid of this life I have while looking out for a new one.
Meanwhile you people can fill me in on where I can get to shop for cool lives – be warned I like it when I have a lot to choose from.

P.S.: Sorry folks, I have just realised that I have completely lost my marbles.
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