Sunday, 14 September 2008

Day after 21

The day after 21 was yesterday.
I became 21 years old day before yesterday.
This post is going to be about my state of mind during the process of turning 21.

11th of September

11:00: I really don’t want it turn 12:00 midnight.
15:00: I wonder if anyone will come to wish me.
16:00: I hope people will forget.
16:30: I think I should figure out something nice to wear.
18:00: I’m growing old!!!
19:30: I am not so old yet, but I am looking older already!
23:00: Time, please stop!
23:30: Wow! They seemed to have remembered. I have been kicked out of my room. This is wonderful.
23:59: All right, let’s just get the damn day over with.

12th of September

00:03: Answering calls is stupid when you still have not been allowed inside your room.
00:10: Finally!! WOW! This is beautiful…
00:12: Is that my cake? Why does it have ‘sexy’ written on it? Nice joke!
00:13: Eww!!! I hate it when people sing this… my name just doesn’t fit in!
00:20: Tasty cake though.
00:40: Make use of the day. Get friends to sing and dance for me!
00:45: Bad idea!
1:00: Get kicked in the ass.
1:30: I hate birthdays.
1:40: Damn! I have to wake up early tomorrow.
2:00: “Hi Mom, yes it is my birthday. Thank you. I’ll be a good girl. Bye.”
Copy and paste the same for dad, two elder sisters, brother in law, friends, ex boy friends, strangers and idiots.
3:30: I think I should jus stay up the whole night… Zzzzz… snore.
6:30: WTF!!! ‘Why you waking me up at this hour, bitch?! ... Oh… ok, thanks… bye.’
7:30: Why god, why…
8:00: ‘oh is it your birthday today? – Yes – happy birthday – thanks…!’
Copy and paste the same till 16:00 along with thoughts of getting swallowed into the depths of Marianna trench (if you have seen Ally Mcbeal you would understand what exactly I mean)16:15: have to go for movie at 19:00. Do something till then… Zzzzz… snore.
19:15: Nice - Movie down the drain.
19:30: Friends all busy. One friend is jobless. Go for a drive.
21:00: I’m hungry. Can a drive become dinner?
21:05: I will not make it back before hostel curfew at 21:30. Screw it.
21:40: Happy… very happy.
21:55: Still in senses.
22:20: ‘I’m sorry I’m late Ma’am’
‘Oh it’s ok, dear’
Wtf! She is supposed to get angry at me! I broke a rule! Well, nevermind…
23:00: Almost over. One more hour and I am freaking running on 22…
23:45: ‘yea dad… I know I was born at 23:45… thank you… I’m going to sleep… love you, goodnight.’
23:50: My family is amazing.

13th of September

00:10: Talk bullshit with a friend… what bullshit I have no idea.
2:00: Should I post anything? Zzzzz… snore.
8:45: Head hurts – Shit! Clinical posting – Head hurts more.
9:00 to 16:00: the usual.
16:05: Friend: ‘Hey I found the phone you lost one month back in my car!’
Me: ‘OMG!! Are you kidding?’
Friend: ‘No really. The servicing guys got it. By the way, Happy belated birthday!’ Hmmm being 21 is not so bad.
16:30: I should go for that movie.
22:00: Nice movie. Not bad. Missed dinner – depressed.
23:00: Should I post today? … Zzzzz… snore.

14th of September

11:00: Shit! Why did she not wake me up for posting!!!
Oh… it is Sunday.
14:00: I want to go to the beach. Get dressed quickly.
14:15: Me: Hey you want to go to the beach, I’m dressed. We can leave right away.
Friend: Riots in Mangalore, idiot!! Did you not hear the announcement at 8:00? We are confined to hostel.
Me: 8:00? Who wakes up at 8:00? Nice.
15:00: Should I post today? Ok, I think I should.

Being 21 is not so bad.
The day after 21 is pretty much the same as the day before 21.


Aditya Nair said...

First,happy birthday...
nice style of writing...different...

Another Blogger said...

first, thank you..
thanks again... continue reading..
and do read my older posts..
of late i have come of the opinion 'the older the better'

Abhilash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Genesis of Oblivion said...

hehe!!..nice nice!! hmm i wonder who u wer talkin bullshit wid and tht too at 00:10..hehe.. and congrats for finding your lost cell!!..u must be thrilled!!

Another Blogger said...

well 00:10 is not an odd time in my routine.. it is pretty much like 20:00 in a normal person's day.
and as for the person who i was talkin to... only an idiot would tolerate my bullshit at that hour...
so basically, he is just an idiot.
and about my phone... yes im thrilled... ill post about it soon.

KeyzEr SoZe said...

"The day after 21 was yesterday.
I became 21 years old day before yesterday."

i'm so impressed!

Another Blogger said...

you are not easily impressed, i hope.
thanks :)

Tys on Ice said...

hey, ur birthday fell during onam ...happy birthday..

Another Blogger said...

yes it did..
thanks :)

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