Monday, 15 September 2008

Fist for fun

Riots – I like the word. It sounds good.
Riots – I honestly don’t give a damn… usually.
Riots – I don’t like them.

I wanted to go to the beach yesterday afternoon.

Riots spoiled my plan.
Riots got me confined to my boring hostel.
Riots made me a prisoner in my hostel.

I was locked in!
And I hate being locked in – I feel claustrophobic – only when I’m locked in without my permission though, I generally don’t mind locking myself in.

This is the second time since I have come to this city that riots have caused a curfew.
My college doesn’t give a damn about curfews.
It is a stupid college, in my opinion.
Not only is my college derecognised according to the Medical Council of India (temporarily, I hope) but it also doesn’t give a rat’s ass if it is a national holiday, curfew or even a student’s death – no holiday whatsoever.

The only holidays we get are Sundays.
Maybe that is the reason doctors in my college become so boring, frustrated and bitter about everything sweet in life (example: sleep).
Maybe that is why people in this city are so frustrated.
The doctors are so frustrated by the lack of holidays (thanks to my college) that they take it out on their patients. And these patients form the public.
And what do the public do?
They wait for an opportunity to vent their frustration.
And what better way to vent your frustration than to destroy a place of religious worship!
It will, for sure, lead to the public getting more frustrated.
People who haven’t gone to a temple or church or mosque all their lives become religious all of a sudden.
They start fighting for justice. (wtf?!)
They start destroying more places of worship until the police start getting frustrated.
Then the police vent their frustration by beating the crap out of everyone.
Section 144 comes into being. (wtf?!)
Curfew is declared in the whole city.
My college still doesn’t declare holidays.
We, doctors, still go to college/hospital.
We get frustrated.
And it is a vicious circle.

Frustrated people are all over this city.
And they vote for more frustrated people to rule over them.
I hate politics.
I hate politics because I don’t know shit about it.
All I know is the ones who are in power don’t seem to know the solution to the problem. They are rather adding fuel to the fire.
The ruling party always seems to be involved in the riots.
The solution; my dear ignorant, frustrated ones; is simple.
Make my college give more holidays.
This will put a rest to the most contagious disease of all – frustration.
And nobody will have to make a fist for fun.

Please declare holidays for doctors!


KeyzEr SoZe said...

so your college is responsible for all the riots!!! my my!
u shud have told me earlier. i just forwarded your blog to the manipal dean.

Another Blogger said...

finally someone decided to enlighten the poor soul!

thank you, my friend.

Arjun Suri said...

your blissful chant was heard.. its a holiday today!


^Lejin^ said...

somewhere in Europe,i think, frustrated ppl get a hammer , go to a junkyard take their Frustrations out on the crap over there and get paid for it..??Howz dat?? :)

In ur case, "Sleep" is inversely proportional to "Frustration" I guess..Is it??

Another Blogger said...

i am not frustrated...
if i were frustrated, would i be able to think so clearly?
i am talking about the world around me.
i only watch...
and sleep at times.

Anonymous said...

i can see clearly through ur pain ... u're reason verified
why subject our souls to this torture..??
wake up.. we did this to ourselves!! confinement and hostility.. we fought to get here ..but the emptiness stays!!
say i hate religion.. it kills my faith in God..!! i only befriend faith..stick in there.. only the best shall come out of it .. i promise u :)
love..a fellow survivor
x, gayo

Another Blogger said...

words of wisdom my dear friend..
glad you finally made it in here..
love... ur preacher!!

Anonymous said...

ever think of the inner riots? try it, might add a perspective to life!
..... and holidays for doctors? na...not a chance

Another Blogger said...

Inner riots is what I call frustration.

and thanks, but i think i have enough perspective to enlighten the whole damn world. that's pretty much more than enough.

and its because of people like you who claim docs should not have holidays that cause riots!!!
shame on you.

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

very well written!!.. People tend to ignore the reason why religion came into existence. Its like fighting for peace with war!! i really think you are frustrated for not being able to go to the beach!![:D]. GROW UP!![:P]

Another Blogger said...

thanks :) i thought u were dead. i don't know if im glad to know you are not.

my anger at not goin to the beach is multiplied by the lack of holidays and by stupid people.

and i don't like growing up...
so, you grow up!

Tys on Ice said...

:) ..u just happens to study in the wrong part...go to manipal, when i studied there, we just used to declare ourselves a holiday whenever we felt like it..thts probably why i took 6 years to pass a 3 year course..

whts derecognize?...wht a lovely it like pretending not to know ur ex when u see her in a party?

Another Blogger said...

i would have loved to study in manipal if it weren't for two things:
one, the only population there consists of people my age and they totally fake everything - including their body parts.
two, if i did what you did, my 5 n half years course would become... umm... 10 years?? for a bachelors degree!.. n then i would be too busy counting my grey hair to do anything else.
so, no thanks!

and derecognize is pretty much what you told... except the context is different. its not an ex gf in question, jus colleges and every degree they issue. it jus becomes invalid.

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