Saturday, 20 September 2008

Envisage this

The word ‘visage’ somehow never really meant what it actually meant, to me.
I like the way it is pronounced though – reminds me of massage.

Around ten minutes ago I was looking at myself in the mirror.
I do that once in a while.
Some of the few things I do to remind myself I am a female.

I saw a pimple.
I do not usually get pimples – and this upcoming doom troubled me.
Why did it trouble me?

And then I started thinking weird – again.

Everything we see is how our brain makes us perceive it.
And I think everybody’s brain is very different.
But if everybody’s brain was so very different wouldn’t the same image be perceived differently by everybody?

Please note: I am using the word ‘perceived’ and ‘seen’ differently.
The same sight seen can give rise to different perceptions in different people and the same perception perceived in different people can be as a result of different sights.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
That is utter nonsense.
Beauty lies in what the beholder’s brain makes the beholder see as beautiful.
Ok, stop! I think I’m complicating things
- Again.

What I might perceive as a pointed nose might not seem so pointed to you
(My nose is not pointed)

What I might perceive as red might be actually green to you
(Imagine green roses!)

What I might perceive as short might be quite large for you
(This is a very general statement I am not referring to anything in particular.)

You might look beautiful to your brain and look ugly to billions of others
(My case - most of the time)
Or you might actually look beautiful to billions of others but look ugly to your brain!
(My case - never)

In the end it is all about how we perceive things.
How our brain makes us perceive it.

It is that stupid mass of pinkish-greyish-white goo in that hard skull that makes you look into the mirror and try to look presentable innumerable number of times a day.
What is the point?

Your pinkish-greyish-white goo is different from my pinkish-greyish-white goo.
And my pinkish-greyish-white goo might think you look ugly, no matter what!!!

What if there was no pinkish greyish white goo?
Then would we all perceive alike?
Imagine – men and women thinking alike!!!
That would be hilarious.

My thoughts came to an end.

I decided my upcoming pimple looks bad only to my brain.
It might not look bad to the billions of others out there.
Some might even think it is beautiful.

So enjoy the pimple while you have it!


^Lejin^ said...

hehe , gud decision at the end-if there was nothin u cud do abt it..

Best refuge in a powerless & helpless situation,huh??

Another Blogger said...

well not exactly..
i wasn't helpless about the pimple if that was what you meant. i could have :
1) squeezed the bloody life out of it leavin just an uglier than hell scar.
2) i could have put toothpaste and turmeric and god alone knows what not, which might result in my face looking like a swollen red ball
3) i could have gone and bought one of those zap the pimple facial creams which would leave me bankrupt...

so u see i had many choices but my thoughts on perception made me decide it is best left alone. :)

Anonymous said...


Oh I see, it rhymes with all ‘imples’!

Yet the post is bit heavy on philosophy don’t you think? Why not keep it “simple? ”

come to think of it ,the mirror always throw you back reversed-

Your right become your wrong and your wrong becomes your right!

…….and “vizzij”?!!

-just checking whether you are still alive and kicking. En’lighten’ us away!

-Still anonymous, for fear of life.

Another Blogger said...

im no murderer so u need not fear losing ur life... there are better things to fear...

as for the the keeping it simple... sometimes i get carried away and fall under the terribly false belief that everyone is as intelligent as me ;) ... lol

en'lighten'ing away...
ur enlightener

Jane Turley said...

Ah, I think this is known as Metaphysics.. a form of philosophy I studied (fortunately only for 1 year) at university. We didn't discuss pimple but chairs.

"What is the meaning of the word chair?"

"Does a chair cease to exist when you die?"

And so on... It blew my brains out. The only question I like to debate is;

"Should I have white or dark chocolate?"

You got me thinking Another Blogger (Dangerous situation) could be a whole post in this...

Another Blogger said...

wow i love the chair bit!!!
i can totally understand why it blew your brains off!!
i think jobless people like me create subjects such as these just to serve bullshit- well garnished.

i think dark chocolate is a better choice:)

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