Sunday, 28 September 2008


Smile – there are so many kinds of smiles in the world.
Pretty much like chocolates – but not exactly like chocolates.
Chocolates are not quiet like smiles because all kinds of chocolates are wonderful – black, white, crunchy, smooth, swiss, ones with rum inside… wonderful.
Smiles on the other hand, well they are not wonderful but they can be of different kinds too – Funny smiles, plastic smiles, crooked smiles, sensual smiles, wtf smiles…

There are very few things that can make me smile.
Nobody can smile when they want to smile.
I mean, of course people can smile whenever they want to – but, try and hold that fake smile and at the end of five minutes you will look exactly like a cow caught by surprise while chewing cud (that is, if you don’t already look like one before the fake smile procedure).
But there are times when you try so hard not to smile but end up smiling anyway.
And no, I am not referring to giggling (hate it!) or laughing.
I am referring to plain old smiling.

There are just about three things that can make me smile.
Well three other than me being in front of the camera and imagining what a dork I will look like if I don’t smile (which I end up looking like even if I do smile)
– But at least I tried not to look like a dork!
And trying does count – when you are the loser.

Sorry… deviating from the topic at hand – three things that make me smile.
These three things might seem very shallow for many of you.
But these three things are what life revolves around anyway.

1) Food
This little beast can get me smiling even if I happened to inject my face with enough botulinum to paralyze an African elephant.
Bring me good food and I will smile.
I think it is because my brain seems to be in my stomach or vice versa.
Whatever the case, good food equals big smile as far as I am concerned.
And more the quantity the bigger the smile is.

2) Money
This is a new found discovery.
I did not know money could make me smile until I got kicked out of my house and reached a god forsaken hostel in a god forsaken state of a god forsaken country.
But give me money and I shall smile.
Give me money and I give you my word – I will make it disappear.
It will disappear so fast that neither you nor I will remember where it was spend.
They say it is my hand – money seems to trickle through it as if it were water!
(And I thought I had podgy fingers!)
So, money can make me smile – one of the prime reasons being - money means good food and good food makes me smile.
And more the money the more the quantity of good food meaning the bigger the smile is.

3) Sleep
The mere thought of sleep can make me smile.
I dream of sleep – if that is possible.
Sleep is peace.
Sleep is Heaven on Earth (will post on this soon)
Sleep is sleep.
I can never every tire myself sleeping.
I really don’t understand how people can wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
It never works that way for me.
The more the sleep the bigger the scowl is when you wake me up.

I really am pretty simple to figure out contrary to the beliefs of many.
I am very easy to please contrary to my own beliefs.

Be good.
Make others smile.

Make me smile.


c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

girls who are easy to figure out and flying giraffes come under the same category. myths.

food makes me smile too, money is why i live, n sleep i despise :-)

Another Blogger said...

sometimes the easiest of things are the most complex to figure out because you wouldn't even dream of it being so simple.

despise sleep?...
i crave for sleep.

Usha said...

Food, money and sleep can make you smile? I can see how young you are girl. May you stay happy like this forever.

c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

You have a way of getting out of mazes. But the sad part is, most girls are so worried they'll be demystified that they keep changing an edge or two every time the guy gets close.

I'm always irrationally worried I'll miss something spectacular when I'm asleep. It doesn't make much sense. But, well!

Scribblers Inc said...

you said that wisdom always arose from wit...pray why would that ALWAYS be???I came to seek an answer to that question and now look what you did!:D

Scribblers Inc.

Another Blogger said...

usha i hope i do!!! but i honestly feel if everything was broken down to simpler blocks, everyone would be smiling eternally only at these three things. nothing else would bring happiness eternally.

c.h.a.o.s freak demystified? we are not mystified to be demystified. it is pretty simple to figure out. ill let you in on the secret - we think exactly the opposite of what you expect us to think. that is about it. :)

scribblers inc. i think you have a very bad memory because there is no way i would say something like wisdom arose from wit! wit always arises from wisdom though... wit is the 'beloved' baby borne to humour and wisdom. a witty remark always has some amount of intellect in it along with humour- intellect, which can be synonymous with wisdom almost always. so that is why i think it will ALWAYS be that way...
and keep visiting, i like comments - boosts my already blown up ego.

c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

if you were a mathematical function you'd have been a recursive never differentiable at the right points-pain in the ass- kind of one. Your replies take a whole bloody lot of assumptions to be true always.

You are proving yourself to be a girl!

n as far as ego goes, I'm God.

Another Blogger said...

ah! this is for those ignorant few who do not already know the reason i chose to take medicine after my parents decided to kick me out of my home into a college - i am horrible at mathematics, something that happened when i turned 16 (i think it is the hormones)

but i think i kind of understood the gist of what you meant.

do not doubt it - i am very much a girl (oh yes! and i am proud of it) and for those of you who disagree - DIE!

as far as the ego 'god' stuff - i do not respond to amateur claims, so - nevermind.

c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

You had to claim you know what I'm. You had to claim you know what I should n shouldn't do.
You even had to claim you know what would come of my controversial brochure.

Yes. I see who's doing all the claiming :-) But I'm still God. So, I forgive you. Cheerio!

Another Blogger said...

well suit yourself.
i am no god.
i would not want to be either.
and i do not believe having a blown up ego is great.
it is just bearable.
so you can go on with your 'godliness'.
i could not care lesser.

Rineez said...


KeyzEr SoZe said...

good post [:)]

the cow chewing the cud gettin surprsied caught me laffin n i was tryin hard not to in the first place.

Another Blogger said...

;) thanks.
that is quite a compliment - coming from you!

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