Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The pig sty

I am not obsessed with cleanliness.
I do not clean my room every second of every minute of every day.
My clothes are always scattered all over the room.
But I could never survive for a second, let alone live in a pig sty.
This post is about how weird my thoughts about cleanliness can get.
Brace yourselves.

My hallucinations about multi coloured micro organisms began long ago.
I think cartoon network should take the blame for this.

1) My palms and feet sweat – been like that ever since I came to know where my palms and feet are. The slightest bit of dirt on my feet brings on the hallucinations - Purple plus orange coloured microbes with spades and shovels versus red plus green coloured microbes with swords and shields on my feet – WAR!!
Ever since the hallucinations began I hate walking on sand. I don’t really mind the monsoon though – it’s wet, the microbes drown.

2) I hate people who sit on my pillow or put their foot on my bed. Brown plus green microbes and pink coloured worm like stuff from their asses on to my pillow – the pillow on which my face rests when I go to sleep – eww!!! And as far as the feet are concerned I have already mentioned the microbes involved.

3) Earrings – I avoid them when possible. I imagine the microbes (silvery white this time) crawling through the earrings into my ear, especially if they are not my earrings. What is even weirder is that I do not have the same problem with my nose piercing – it is like my nose has a defence system against the silvery white bloody crawlers but my poor ears do not.

4) Transparent microbes on bar soaps – started after a single thought: the same bar of soap cleans every part of the human body, every part. Ever since then it has been shower gel for me.

Well I always thought my hallucinations were pretty normal until I discussed the hygiene aspect of the process of micturition (peeing) with a friend. The discussion ended with me deciding I would wash my bladder whenever possible (if I could). This seemed slightly beyond the range of normality – then.

I still think my obsession is normal – it is just that you do not think about my thoughts, I do.
As for living in a pig sty – I don’t want to start imagining the multi coloured microbes.

My haven is always a mess, the difference being it is a clean mess.
Does that make sense?


The Genesis of Oblivion said...

lol..ur room may not be a mess..but u are definitely a mess!!..u r crazy to be obsessed with wat u say ur obsessed with!!..and besides..if ur scared of wearin earrings and nose rings..why did u get ur nose pierced in d first place?!!!

Another Blogger said...

no, no! u got it wrong my nose has the defence system working.. so the nose piercing doesn't bother me.. and as for the ears, i don't remember when they were pierced!!

Tys on Ice said...

u shudnt forget abt the black and furry microbes that lives in combs or the tiger stripped florescent ones that makes their homes in toothbrushes left wet in ur brush holder....what abt the slithery , translucent ones that lives in our mouth which migrates thru kisses?

its wild out there

Another Blogger said...

ahh!! i always knew there were people like me out there!! thanks for letting the world know!

i know about the furry black ones in combs.. it changes colour when i decide to change the colour of my hair!! theyre nasty!

the ones on my tooth brush are pink and yellow though.. i always dry my toothpaste before keepin it n wash the brush with toothpaste before using the toothpaste to brush..

as for the slithery, transluscent ones that migrate through kissing - they are yummy.. so it is ok, i guess!! lol

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