Monday, 8 September 2008

Beyond reason

Somebody once told me the difference between want and need. I do not completely agree with what the person told but it did make me think.
It made me think.

When you know the reason why, it is a want and when you can not understand why, no matter how hard you try, it is a need.

Beyond reason – that is need.

I need food – not to keep me alive.
If it were to keep me alive it would be a want.
I need food because I need it.

I need to be loved – not because I love the feeling.
If it were because I love the feeling it would be a want.
I need to be loved because I need it.

I need to type out this post – not because I have something substantial to enlighten you with.
If it were so it would be a want.
I need to type out this post because I need it.

I need sleep – not because it makes me feel well rested (it never does).
I need sleep because I need it.

A need is always something that cannot be satisfied.
I can never be satisfied with food – I know that!
I can never be satisfied being loved – nobody can.
I can never be satisfied typing out this post – no comments.
I can never be satisfied no matter how much I sleep – I just wake up sleepier.
A need can make you happy, but never satisfied.
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Then why do we need?
A need is what we need to stay alive.
Everything in life cannot be explained.
If it could be then there wouldn’t be stupid, unanswered questions like ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ and ‘which came first - the chicken or the egg’.

Life is full of needs, needs are what keeps us alive.
Something to live for, something to need, beyond reason – that is what makes us wake up every morning.
It is the need to need that makes every morning worth waking up for – not love, not food, not this stupid post, not sleep.

I need to find out how to stop needing.
Once you stop needing, you stop living.

Think about what you need.

I need to find nowhere.
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lucky said...

U have clearly mentioned... need n want... u cant never stop needin nor stop wantin ...its kinda what makes us human, both together

lucky said...

lucky aka mithun for a while

ANAND said...

plz mail me at

Shanker said...

approval, acceptance, appreciation and admiration...wat u used fr why a person acts like he doesnt care..but similar to ur wants and needs comparison and considering just one of the above for now...its not exactly for approval that he/she reacts/or doesnt react but rather for the fear of might be a purely personal view but i wouldnt care more if a person was indifferent to me as to rejecting me due to some assumptions..and the 4 a'S sound too optimistic....and btw BABIES?!?!

Another Blogger said...

hey everybody!!
im glad u guys dropped in!
lucky aka mithun: needs are more a need than want because somehow ppl are more intrigued by smth byond reason and that lack of reason is wat keeps us alive. so i think needs are wat makes us more human than waants!!
anand: wat shud i mail u??
shanker: its funny how ur lookin at jus one side of the coin and me at the other.. the fear of rejection is the same as the want of approval!! and yeaa... babies!!! :)

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