Monday, 1 September 2008

Four words

I hate the word procrastination.
- I procrastinate when I’m in doubt – which forces me to think. I hate thinking and hence I hate procrastinating.
- The word as such is a bit difficult for me. PROCRASTINATE – I always have a problem with the second ‘R’ and the ‘N’.
- For reasons beyond perception, the word reminds me of castration – which is not very nice. Procrastinate… procastrate… (?)
As I mentioned – reasons beyond my perception.

I have been procrastinating.
The procrastination was not due to the topic at hand.
The procrastination was because I was unsure whether I know.

I was unsure whether I am proficient enough to write this post.
Only one who is able enough to fathom the reason can afford reasoning.
I was unsure of my ability to comprehend the reason.

There are only four things that humans crave for.
There are only four, very similar nouns that humans live for.
Four nouns which when expressed with a couple of adjectives makes a person’s day.
These four nouns are terrible words according to me, not one is beautiful.
They all sound superficial.


Every task when undertaken is with only these four aims in mind.
Mr. Uterus started conceiving (blogging) today.
He sheds blood, sweat and tears trying to make his offspring (blog) look appropriate.
He revises a million times before delivering (posting) his baby (post).
He thinks it is the most beautiful piece of work ever created.
But does that matter much to Mr. Uterus?

He wants to see whether his friends approve of his offspring (blog).
He wants to know if his offspring is worthy of approval.
He gets it.
The offspring (blog) is Approved to be called an offspring (blog).
But does that matter much to Mr. Uterus?

Mr Uterus starts conceiving (blogging) more because he likes the idea of his offspring (blog) being approved.
He wants to be accepted by everyone as a true Uterus! (blogger) - One who is worthy of being Accepted for who he is and not just another ordinary person.
He gets it.
The offspring (blog) is accepted into the brethren of millions of offsprings (blogs) all over the world and acquires its share of loyal friends (visitors).
But does that matter much to Mr. Uterus?

After being accepted he wants the loyal friends (visitors) to pour out their hormones (comments) so that his offspring and indirectly he can swell in the appreciation.
So, the loyal friends (visitors) pour out their hormones (comments) to make Mr. Uterus feel Appreciated.
But does that matter much to Mr. Uterus?

He wants others to want to be like him. He wants others to wish they could deliver (post) offsprings (blogs) like his.
The pompous ass, Mr. Uterus, wants to be Admired.
And finally, he gets that too.
But does that matter much to Mr. Uterus?
Does it?

Every man whether crawling, walking or barely standing strives for these four things.

I am not different.
I realised this when one of my loyal friends (visitors) called my offspring (blog) a bulletin board.
– It always shows things that either people already know about or don’t care about.

This thought lead to the procrastination.
My offspring (blog) being called a bulletin board was not Approval, nor was it Acceptance; it was not Appreciation and most definitely not Admiration.
So, Mr. Uterus' blood, sweat and tears seem to go down the drain.
But then I broke free and realised true purpose - beyond those four words.
Now it is over – the procrastination.

My offspring (blog) maybe a bulletin board
- But remember, a bulletin board can always say ‘I told you so’.
And I conceive (blog) only for that.
- So that when you fall flat on your face, I can laugh at you and say
‘I told you so!’

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