Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The bad guys

The bad guys are everywhere.
And this is what the ‘not so paranoid’ part of me feels.
Imagine what the ‘paranoid’ part of me feels.

I have been slightly busy lately.
And this is pretty surprising because I always make it a point that I am never busy enough to call myself busy.
What I have been busy with is unfortunately none of your business.

This post is about the bad guys.

The bad guys are always around – some may call themselves your friends while the others just don’t bother to call themselves anything at all.

Everybody becomes one among them at sometime or the other.
I have found myself among them many a times – more than I would dislike.
Recently I have been thinking about these ‘bad guys’.

Now do not misunderstand the term.
What I mean by ‘guys’ is not the male counterpart of the foolish species who call themselves wise. I mean the term in a more general aspect.
General as in it includes everybody.
I shall go down memory lane.


It all begins in the beginning.
In the beginning everybody is one among them.
Everybody seems to be conspiring against you in a foreign language.
Nobody seems to really understand you.


The teachers are the bad guys.
They seem to want control over your free and spirited life.
Everything you want to do is wrong.
Everything you don’t want to do is right.
Here, the parents come in a close second among the bad guys.
The third place goes to the kid who always seems to know the right answer to everything.


This is like being back to babyhood.
Nobody seems to understand you.
Everybody wants to tell you what to do.
There are three sorts of adolescents in this world:
1) Those who have already transformed into beautiful swans – they are the ones who go about strutting in high school. They think they rule because they just seem to get the attention everyone seems to seek. Somehow these beautiful swans acquire the right to hurt everyone. I had a couple of them for friends. I do not regret it but honestly it was super lame.
2) Those who transform into beautiful swans after high school – now this category is lucky and unlucky. They are lucky because they did finally make it – a nice ‘in your face’ comeback for all that hurting courtesy ‘the strutters’. They are unlucky because well, it is too late a comeback.
3) Those who never transform. They get used to it - big deal.

The strutters are the bad guys if you are not one among them.
And if you are one among them – you need to get a life.


I shall write about what I feel right now.
The administration of this college is filled with dorks who never had a life in college and want the same for you – they are all bad guys.
The professor who keeps picking on you just because you are not boring is a bad guy.
The hospital is full of bad guys who are waiting to make you look like a fool.
All juniors who know more than you do are bad guys.
All friends who have started studying are bad guys.
All friends who don’t like your blog are bad guys.
All friends who keep asking if it is finally the end of your ‘blogging spree’ when you do not post for a few days, are very bad guys.
The classmate who always asks doubts which seems like Greek and Latin when all you want is to get back to your bed and snore is a bad guy.


There are so many bad guys out there you seem to lose count.
Your boss is always a bad guy.
The guy who keeps getting a raise is a bad guy.
The person your partner thinks is wonderful is definitely a bad guy.
The in-laws are ‘almost’ always bad guys.
Every person who can afford anything you can’t but would want to; is quite obviously a bad guy.
And finally
God seems to be a bad guy.

The bad guys never go away.
In fact, I think, they keep increasing by the day.
You just learn to not care after a while – if you are lucky.

So - go to hell, bad guy!!!


KeyzEr SoZe said...

absolu 'flippin' ly awesome post!!!!
wow!!!!! seriosuly, such creative angst! u shud really be the best blogger ive ever read!

u the man!


Another Blogger said...

thank you!
and oh yes! I am the man!!
(for some reason i can not quite figure out - that sounds weird1)

KeyzEr SoZe said...

my some ppl dont understand sarcasm at all..

KeyzEr SoZe said...

now thats 4 comments in your populess blog.! [:)]
dank me dank me

Another Blogger said...


Chetan said...

nice post ma'am!!!!

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