Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Poll findings

For those who have not noticed and will never get the chance to notice again the poll that I began at the very beginning of this blog is finally closed.
I started this poll because I wanted to know how many people out there actually think like me.

Now the results:

53% of the readers chose ‘yes’
This makes me happy.
It is a clear majority.
I should receive a standing ovation for this sort of response.
It is true I do not have any of those fancy awards that you get for blogging, but wtf this is good enough!
53% of the people who visited my blog actually cared about the shit I thought up.
But, unfortunately, this also shows 53% of the people who actually read my blog do not think like me because I would never, ever choose this option if I were you!
I am truly sorry but you are just not like me.

20% of the readers chose ‘no’.
This makes me slightly confused.
As far as I remember, I never threatened anybody into visiting my blog.
If there was no threatening involved and you do not actually care about what is written here then why in the name of sensibility do you read my blog?
I expect answers in the form of comments.
And it goes without saying - I do not like you people!

23% of the readers chose ‘nevermind’.
I actually like you people.
I think you people deserve a pat on the back.
Good going and keep going
– non-opinionated, diplomatic, unoriginal fools.
No matter what – nevermind!

3% of the readers – one reader – chose ‘no because it is the first option and I am too lazy to read further’.
This was the third option.
It is a stupid option.

I would have chosen this.

P.S: I have decided to continue blogging – but at a slower pace.
My exams are round the corner and I really don’t like the junior batch too much – So, I have to pass.


KeyzEr SoZe said...

she is lying. she actually threatened me!

Another Blogger said...

threatened you with what?! liar!

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

lol..nice!!..especially the selection of the subject!!..just one query though!!..What about the people who noticed the poll but did not vote because
a) The options were stupid
b) The internet connection kept going off whenever the vote was being sent
c) some other lame ass reason!!

So I repeat, what about those people?!!

Another Blogger said...

a)the options were not stupid. you might be.
b)try another connection if you really want to vote.
c)'lame ass reason'?
if it is the reason you are calling a lame ass - i can't think of any reason which can be called so.
if having a lame ass is the reason - get an ass transplant.

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