Monday, 20 October 2008

Silence please

I love silence.
It helps me not think.
The only thing I like more than silence is someone talking sense – but since this is very rare I make do with silence most of the time.

Silence is almost always broken by a fool.
Only fools do not grasp the beauty of silence.
The fools (all of them) are under a common misconception that their ignorant gibberish is more significant than silence.
I do agree – at times listening to this ignorant gibberish does help boost one’s confidence; but more often than not, it irritates the life out of the listener.

When I was sixteen I decided to pursue my further education in my motherland.
I lived in a hostel run by one of the most popular entrance coaching centres here.
For those of you who do not know what ‘the entrance’ refers to, it is a set of exams that apparently decide your future.
Students take, end and live lives for the sole purpose of faring well in these ‘entrance exams’.
It is also referred to as the single most important test any student interested in pursuing a professional course has to undertake.
I think it is pure bullshit.

For the two years I lived in that hostel I believed all the bullshit mentioned above.
I tried to survive with six hours of sleep.
I tried to survive not talking to a single soul for more than twelve hours a day.
I tried to survive sitting in front of books for more than twelve hours a day.
I tried to survive the pin drop silence.
And now here I am – doing what I dreamt of doing and I wonder if it was worth believing all that bullshit.
But I learnt my lessons and I learnt them well.

These are the lessons silence taught me:
1) Girls tend to obey rules without voicing their opinions; boys do so after mumbling their opinions under their breath.
I did not belong to either category.

2) Some people can sit in front of their books and actually study for more than twelve hours a day; others can fake it.
I did not belong to either category.

3) There are people who can sit mum for more than six hours; others always make sure they never get caught talking.
I did not belong to either category.

4) What I have to voice is never insignificant. I always have a point. The authorities never seem to get my point.
It is pointless to try and make them get the point.

5) Boys at the age of sixteen tend to pursue activities classified under mischief, if they do not the girls do. Since both seemed uninterested I was undertook burden of the activities.
You are rarely appreciated for carrying out self assigned duties.

6) No matter what I have an innate attraction to trouble.
No matter what I always get caught.
No matter what the others involved tend to get away with it.

7) It is embarrassing, even for me, to get scolded in a language I find difficult to understand at seven in the morning in front of about two hundred peers and fifty adults.

8) When being scolded always maintain utmost silence – Even if you do not understand what the wonderful adjectives and nouns used to describe you mean.

9) Tears are the only way to shorten the misery of getting scolded at. I cannot cry when I want to – even if I pinch myself blue and black.

10) Life at home may seem boring at sixteen; one might feel the want of adventure. The adventure I undertook taught me more than I expected.
It is horrible to open your eyes to reality what is worse is having them opened for you against your will.

I love silence.
It reminds me of those days.
It helps me not think.
It makes me smile at the lessons learnt the hard way.

So don’t spoil it – shut up.


KeyzEr SoZe said...

god u wer the victim of sum tragedy n idint even know it???? lol
wayt happ at pc?

Nurav Yednap said...

The best thing about your blog is that its written pretty much the way you think.
The only glitch. I don't seem to like it. But I'm sure there are loads of people out there hanging on to your words.

I won't be back.
Keep going.

Another Blogger said...

@ keyzer soze: I, a victim of tragedy? that is hilarious.

and there are so many things you don't know about me, whatever gave you the idea you do know me well.

nothing happened at pc except silence teaching me.

@ nurav yednap: it took me a second to figure out who you were from your name 'nurav yednap'. it isn't smart enough though.

i am terribly sorry you do not like what i write - i am sorry for you.

somehow i do not consider you not liking my blog a glitch. my only prayer is you did not come to this decision based on the quick reading of a single post - that would make you nothing better than a fool.

coming back or not this blog will go on - for the benefit of others and for my own benefit.
i am pleased you made this one visit - Thankyou.

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

I am truly sorry for all the people who had spent their time in Pc's concentration camp!! heart goes out to all of them!!..I hope this is not the reason you show split personality and frequent mood swings!!..and since i am a sadist!! i really enjoyed this post!! =D

Another Blogger said...

The split personality has been there before PCs and there are no 'frequent' mood swings!!
i do not like entertaining sadists!!
and PC wasn't that bad. you learn to live there.

Nurav Yednap said...

Sometimes you come across something good and different, it makes you want to condemn it. Thats what I did.

Now you've got a fool subscribed to your blog, silently following it.

I'll be back.
Keep going.

Another Blogger said...

I knew you would come back... because as far as i know you - you are one hell of a smart ass and not a fool.
Everyone responds to insults better than praise. I am no different.
keep following - silent or not.
Thank you

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

Hey...i was der at de nazi (pc) camp 4 exactly 4 days! Hooo...u learnt 2 "live" there? :-)

Another Blogger said...

actually i did!
i was this spoilt brat big time good for nothing when i joined pc's and guess what - when i got out of there i realised what i was and learnt to live with it...
not bad eh?

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