Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Plan

Everything is supposed to be easier if you plan ahead.
Please note the use of the word ‘supposed’ which undoubtedly indicates that it certainly might be untrue.
‘Certainly might’ – does that qualify to be called an oxymoron?
I am beating around the bush – I know it.
Do you know why I am beating around the bush?
It might very well be because I do not have a plan.
Forget a plan; I do not even have the slightest clue what I am rattling away about.
Or maybe I just want you to believe I do not.

I am good at planning
- For others.
The plans I make for myself never work out – never!
But the plans I make for others always work out – always!
I recently read a very nice quote.
It does not have much significance with reference to whatever I am trying to enlighten you with right now but this quote is enlightening in itself – though it is not applicable to the Enlightened one (for those who don’t know who that is – it is me)
‘Always and never are two words one should always remember never to use’
Lovely, is it not?
But as I said - it is not applicable to me.

So my plans never work out when I seem to plan for myself.
But this does not deter me from planning.
I make it a point I plan what I am going to do at least a second in advance.
The earlier the plan is made the more chances it fails.
– That is MY hypothesis and no YOU cannot steal it.
Mathematically speaking (this is hilarious - who would have ever imagined me, of all the six billion people living on this planet, to speak mathematically!)
The duration of time left before the ultimatum is always inversely proportional to the success rate of the plan.

Today I planned out my study schedule for my exams.
My exams begin in the first week of the next month.
I am pretty sure my planned schedule will fail.
This is not pessimism talking, it is experience.
But I planned it out anyway.

I am supposed to read 150 pages a day to finish at least ten days in advance.
These ten days are saved up as my grace period in case I do not finish (which I know for a fact I won’t)
So it is like a plan within a plan.

I have three textbooks – thank God it is only three this year.
These three textbooks had cobwebs on them today until I decided to check out how many pages each of them had.
My friend thinks I lie about not studying.
I wish I was.

Only a selected few ‘elite’ medical students know how it feels to study from a brand new, untouched textbook two weeks before their tests.
It is a miserable feeling as far as I am concerned – because unused textbooks put me to sleep (I think it is the smell).
It takes a week of sleeping over my textbooks - while reading them - to make them look and smell 'used' (I know it sounds disgusting but reality is disgusting)
– that leaves me wit a week to read and ‘reproduce’ 1715 pages of ‘not so English’ English.

I have planned three weeks in advance – which is very early.
And I am going to experiment my hypothesis before publicizing it as my theory.

I do not know what to hope for – if I am right about my hypothesis I will fare hopelessly in my exams and if I am wrong then my hypothesis never becomes a theory.

So I have no hope whatsoever.


The Genesis of Oblivion said...

"The earlier the plan is made the more chances it fails."

That my dear friend is not a hypothesis! Technically Hypothesis means something that has no proof. It is basically an assumption based on theoretical knowledge!..But U, me and about 99% of the creatures belonging to the human dynasty are proof of the above sentence!..you could very well make it a 'LAW' or a "NEVER GO WRONG" statement!

Another Blogger said...

yes whatever you have written is true, but as of now (to my knowledge) nobody had stated it out so clearly nor made it their hypothesis..
so this is my hypothesis.
and since you claim that it is proved by so many i mite as well have my name in it as a theory or law..
not a bad idea right?

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