Thursday, 23 October 2008

Nothing out of Ordinary

This blog has had more than a thousand visitors – excluding my visits.
This blog has almost fifty posts – forty six including this one.
This blog began a little more than two months back – two months, one week and five days to be accurate.

I like statistics – when it is in my favour.
I think this blog is faring pretty well considering the reasons why I began blogging (The beginning)
I wanted to post on the lessons learnt from blogging so far – but I guess that can wait.
Maybe the next post can be on that.
This post is about a thought which happened to flash across my mind about thirty seconds ago.

I wanted one word to express how I felt the whole day today.
The words that came into my mind included:
1) Sleepy – considering I woke up at five in the evening today. But it did not explain much about how I am feeling right now – which is not sleepy.
2) Jobless – but I feel that all the time.
3) Tensed – about the upcoming exams. But that word would probably explain about five seconds of today which was a complete waste of time and totally irrelevant.
4) Ordinary.

Ordinary – as ordinary as ordinary can get.
That seemed almost perfect.
Until I thought of what is ordinary.

According to me and the dictionary in my brain, ordinary is something which is not exceptional or special.

So who defines what is ordinary?
My ordinary will be very different from your ordinary.
1) A homeless man or maybe every other male feeling the pressure down there in the bladder might consider urinating beside a national highway nothing out of ordinary.
But for me, well, my imagination runs wild at the thought.

2) For me, sleeping in class is ordinary.
But for one of those ‘gifted’ ones always seated in the first bench with their faces hidden in their notebooks as they scribble away not just every word but every expression that passes over the boring and expressionless faces of professors, sleeping in class would be a heinous crime committed against the love of bespectacled self obsessed creeps.

3) For Lindsay Lohan, accidental public boob show might be just ‘oops but whatever’ ordinary – if you know what I mean.
But for many girls I know, showing their arm pits in public is totally out of the question (maybe because they are hairy – I frankly have no idea)

4) For me, eating ten slices of pizza and still feeling hungry after three hours is nothing out of the ordinary. If I didn’t feel hungry I would be worried.
But for almost every girl I know, it would be insane to even think about so much food because even thoughts of a sumptuous meal make you grow fatter.

5) For me, washing my feet at least six times a day is ordinary.
But most guys I know consider that insane and definitely an obsessive compulsive disorder.

6) For you talking to your little guy down there might be ordinary.
But for me – even if I did have a little guy (Imagine that!) down there, the mere thought of talking to any part of my body (especially one with a pee hole) is nothing short of extreme nuttiness (forgive the pun)

I may be far from ordinary to you.
You definitely are far from ordinary to me – no matter who you are.

The word ordinary does not mean anything to anyone except the person using it.
It does not convey a description worth any value to those listening.
Precisely – nothing out of the word 'ordinary'.

Do not use the word ordinary if you want to be specific.
Use it only if you are smart


brocasarea said...

10 slices of pizza and still hungry! hai ya kooaa???...:P

Another Blogger said...

i told you i would be far from ordinary according to you!
and hungry after three hours - not immediately.

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

lol..u forgot to mention about washing know what i mean!!..that is something that others consider abnormal whereas u think its ordinary!!

Another Blogger said...

well i can't do it but if i could i would wash my bladder.
but since i don't do it - i guess i can omit it from the list :)

Zanil Hyder said...

do you mean ordinary is to be avoided... or do we need to be smart to use the word ordinary.

Instead I think we shouldn't use it like a filler ....... ordinary girl with ordinary ideas and ordinary ..... when it repeates it fails to indicate what ordinary is...

Another Blogger said...

i mean the word ordinary does not mean anything to anyone except yourself. so if you expect the word to imply something- it doesn't.

the only point in using the word ordinary is when you have to say something but don't know what to say - then the use of the word is smart.

Chetan said...

Nice post...No.6 made me wonder hw can u knw guyz soo well..hehe....Cheers!!!!

Another Blogger said...

Thank you :)
You forget - I am the enlightened one.. hehe.

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