Sunday, 17 August 2008

My best friend

One week since I started this blog, to celebrate it I had a nice breakfast today - again - but no more discussions on breakfast. One was hearty enough.

It took me a while to start typing today. Usually I just start typing meaningless utter bullshit and finally it ends up as a post. But today I couldn’t decide what to type. Finally I almost reached a decision. Almost.

Today it is going to be jokes apart. Strictly all jokes apart.

One of my professors (I can’t seem to remember who) recently told that we should always have seven good friends. Seven friends to whom we keep turning to for help. What, who, which, where, when, how and why. I do not completely agree.
I think we all have six good friends and one best friend.

What is always the first step - The fool’s best friend. It can even be the best friend of ones with auditory impairment. It is the beginning of knowledge.

Who is the best friend of people paying too much heed to worldly matters - gossip queens and kings. This friend is almost always the first step to jealousy, admiration, hatred etc.

Which is the best friend of those who in doubt. It always comes into being when there is more than one option. This friend resolves confusion or at least attempts to.

Where is the best friend for people who know their way about. They always know more than the answer. One who doesn’t know places will never ask where.

When is the best friend of those who think that everything needs to be recorded. Who did what when, who is going to do what when. I thoroughly despise those who fall into this category. They live a farce – a shallow life.

How is the best friend of those who need detail. They want to know every precise bit of an incident. The perfectionists. They have an imagination that needs fodder.

Why - my best friend. This is the wise man’s best friend because only if you know a fact can you explore the reasoning. And only a person possessing a mind free of inhibitions can question the reasoning of everything that exists.

You must always choose your friends carefully.
The best friend, well, it just comes to be the best friend.
Figure out yours.


Nivil said...

one of d btr posts.. nice work.. u made all dat seven up urself or sumone enlightened u?

Another Blogger said...

my work... copyright reserved

^Lejin^ said...
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^Lejin^ said...

Admire ur thoughts on this one..I share the same feeling..
"Why" is definitely more helpful and enlightening for me on most situations than "what"

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