Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Anger management

I am angry.
I don’t usually get angry.
I don’t usually show my anger to people.
I usually get angry at myself.

Today is unusual.

Why I am angry - is not relevant.
Who I am angry at - is totally irrelevant.
How I got angry - is a stupid question.
When I got angry - is a totally stupid question.
Where I got angry – wtf?
What I got angry at - I am not sure myself.
The ‘which’ question doesn’t fit in here because I don't have any (or many) option(s), do I?

Anger is an amazing emotion.

1) It makes you say things you really wanted to say for a long time - but thought inappropriate according to social norms (wtf?).
2) It makes you feel filled to the brim with some sort of 'something' and a minute or two afterwards it just… Poof! bursts spewing foul language, animate limb movements and inhuman facial expressions.
3) It makes you raise your volume higher and higher till it reaches a crescendo where you can’t hear anyone, not even yourself.
4) It makes you want to take a gun and shoot everybody in the head- splattering blood and brain goo (if there is any) everywhere.
5) But what I love the most about anger - it makes you think less and act more.

Anger is innocent.
There is nothing hidden in anger.
It is an emotion which is always best to be expressed in its purest form.
I always make sure I do – that is what anger management is.

I hate people who say the following when I am angry:
1) Cool down – what am I supposed to cool - Their rectal temperature?
2) Relax – I am not undergoing labour here!
3) It is going to be okay – It already is okay!!!
4) SORRY – this definitely needs an explanation.

What are you sorry for?
- Is it for making me angry?
If yes, do not be sorry - I think anger is an amazing emotion.
And you already are too late!
- Is it because you suddenly realized the blunder you have committed which made me angry?
If yes, I would rather have your sorry-ass kicked than hearing your sickening apology.
- Is it because you think sorry will get me back to normal?
If yes, then no - it doesn’t. It makes me angrier!

Please refrain from angering me.
It makes me act weirder than usual.
Not that I mind it, but you might.
So considering your and only your best interests –
Please refrain from angering me.
Thank you.

1 comment:

Arjun said...

Angry?? SORRY.......

Who got angry - totally irrelevant

Wat'll he/she do if she's angry - tats a totally stupid question...

"just maintain distance..."

Hey but anyway, anger is an unique expression, correct...... but it's like a password - keep it for urself, don't expose it to the world......
Enuf of the gyan...


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