Monday, 11 August 2008

Life - A bitch?

Today was not the best of days. Well, the best of days rarely comes, that is why it is called 'the best'. But today, well, it was not even one of the better days... Actually it was one of the worse days... - Today was a bad day. Period

Well, why it was a bad day requires a lot of thought and it doesn't matter much (not to me anyway). But something someone told me kept bouncing about in my mind - like a ping pong ball bouncing about in a closed, empty room - and it kept coming in and out of focus. Finally, it came into focus long enough for me to figure out what it was.
Life is a bitch.

Why is life a bitch? I mean, why bitch? Why female? Is it because females give birth? Or is it because females are nasty? Do not take me wrong I’m not one who even remotely believes in feminism. But why would anybody have the notion that life was a female. My life might be a female because I am one, but what about all the males out there? Are their lives also bitches? Or are their lives called dogs?
Life is a dog - Doesn’t sound so 'full of some sort of meaning' anymore.

Why is life a bitch, again? I mean, again, why bitch? Why the poor animal which has always been loyal and faithful (and all the wonderful adjectives i can't think of) to man. Is life always loyal and faithful (and all the wonderful adjectives i can't think of) to man? I never felt so. And if you believe so then calling life a bitch would actually be a compliment to life. Being called a bitch or a son of a bitch or a dog would actually be a compliment because the person who called you that actually feels you are loyal and faithful (and all the wonderful adjectives I can't think of).

So lesson no 2: Life is not a bitch - it is a mistake both grammatically (gender) and factually. And next time somebody calls you a bitch or a son of a bitch or a dog, make sure you express your gratitude at being complimented.


sunilrufus said...

The word "bitch" has long been in use to refer to a woman in contempt, as shown in an 1811 dictionary which describes bitch as "the most offensive appellation that can be given to an English woman, even more provoking than that of whore."

The term son of a bitch is a form of profanity usually used to refer to a man who is nasty, rude or otherwise offensive. It also is used as an exclamation or in an exclamative pretext. It is considered a swear or curse. It is commonly abbreviated as SOB.

is also frequently used as a term for a malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, or unpleasant person, especially a woman.

life’s a bitch is An expression of acceptance of misfortune.

now u know!!

Another Blogger said...

Unfortunately for u sunil, I knew all that you googled or used to find out before I wrote this blog.
What I am questioning is why such a word is used in this context and how wrong it is.
Thanks for taking the trouble anyway, I - unintentionally - made you do something worthwhile

sunilrufus said...

well madam...thats for those visitors who would rather want to know the various applications of the word Bitch!!

now coming to why it is used...the way it is...guess the english have a crazy way of using their language..!

if u sit thinkin abt sure ur imsomnia is gonna beat u again!

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