Friday, 29 August 2008


I like the word ‘misconception’.
It implies its meaning.
According to my dictionary it is a concept which is wrongly perceived
- It is pretty obvious even to the oblivious.

What I like the most about the word is the variety it holds.
There are so many misconceptions in the world – thanks to the increasing number of unenlightened ones (idiots!).

I haven’t cited examples for a while and I miss it
– So here are a few examples of misconceptions:

For the sake of easy understanding of the minimally endowed ones (think - brain), I shall classify misconceptions into three categories – mild, moderate and severe.

Mild misconceptions:

1) You are leading a fruitful life which will ultimately lead to a peaceful and happy life– utter nonsense.

2) He/she is interested in you – undoubtedly this leads to trouble, either way, i.e., whether he/she is or not.

3) He/she is different from the rest – same person, different package, always!

4) Today is the worst day of your life – it gets worse each time.

5) You are better – it is always the worse one who believes so!

Moderate misconceptions:

1) You are in love – no comments.

2) He/she is the one – I really don’t understand how many times ‘the one’ comes along!!!

3) I do not know more than everybody else – I shall clearly state it out to make it easier for you to understand - believe me, I do know more than everybody else. Period

4) You can make a whole lot of difference – (Ha!) Every action has an equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s third law of motion applicable to everything that exists on Earth.

5) When the going gets tough, the tough gets going – Bullshit! When the tough gets going, the going gets tougher!

Severe misconceptions:

1) You know more than I do – this can lead to a life lived in a complete sense of falsehood. Accept enlightenment, accept the truth: sometimes the right path is the easier one.

2) Nowhere does not exist – it does and you will realise it when it is too late.

3) Food makes you grow fat – fat makes you fat, not food. Food is good. Food is bliss. Food should never be accused based on circumstantial evidence.

4) You are significant – there is nothing more insignificant than a couple of humans living in the false notion of significance in an insignificant planet, in an insignificant galaxy, in an insignificant universe – read Douglas Adams’ Hitch hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for further details.

5) You can live a solitary life – this one cracks me up every single time!! Ha-ha!

Now for the deadliest of all misconceptions:

The misconception about misconceptions revolves around the mere fact that people tend to have the misconception that they are under no misconception at all and that this misconception does not have any influence in their lives – This is a grave misconception.

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