Thursday, 21 August 2008

Love continues...

Simply hilarious
I, for weirder than weird reasons, think my last post was hilarious.

I; of all people dead, alive or stuck somewhere in between; writing about love is simply hilarious.
Romance, love, emotion, drama
– Never been my piece of cake (forget cake, I don’t like cake much)
– It has never been my cup of tea (but since I like black coffee better)
– It has never been my cup of black coffee with sugar.

What is even more hilarious is that it actually makes sense that nobody can seem to make sense out of it. I read the post after typing it out and well, I must say, I pity all you people who have to actually try and make sense out of it.
Life is complex as it is, love makes it more complex and here I am making things even more complex.

Poor Shakespeare – not only was he dragged into the complexity of things, he was actually belittled by me.
I wonder what he did (other than write things I question whether he understood) to deserve such an afterlife.
Sorry Shakespeare, my sincere apologies.

Well the gist of what was written yesterday was this:
Journey's end in lovers meeting - Shakespeare
Love is where life ends
Life ends in nowhere.
Hence, Love is nowhere.

Love is blind - Shakespeare
Love makes us overlook wrongs.
Hence, Love makes us think wrong.

Love is a belief created in a shallow mind in search of happiness.
Love is a belief of well being.
Love makes us sacrifice – even our life.
Hence, Love is where life ends.
Journey's end in lovers meeting - Shakespeare

It leads to the same point it began from.
It can’t be expressed simpler than this by any person dead, alive or stuck somewhere in between.
I give you my word for it.

And finally the question: Is love worth it?
Even a humongous breakfast gives you a feeling of well being (oh! It does!).
And last I heard a humongous breakfast didn’t cause anyone to sacrifice his life – Here; I refer, strictly, only to people who fall within the limits of normality according to social norms – wtf?

Next post is more about love.
And no, I am not in love.
Nobody is allowed to ask me again – nobody!


sunilrufus said...

well confused...more confused and utterly confused....those sentences on love seem to be simply going round in circles or rather squares or whatever u call them. complex sentences with complex meanings...(do they mean anything at all?)...gosh am confused...need to guzzle atleast 10 cans of Foster's and try to make sense!

sunilrufus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sunilrufus said...

Nobody is allowed to ask me again – nobody!

Nobody ------- >> is this someone like 'Nowhere' detailed by you somewhere else in this blog..

if nowhere was somewhere....then i'd like to go Nowhere.....if Nobody was somebody..then i 'd like to be somebody.......if im in love with nobody...whoz dat somebody ???

Another Blogger said...

Unfortunately Sunil, you fall into the group of people mentioned under the NOTE - the unenlightened ones. You shouldn't even bother reading further because there is nothing UP there in your case for it to be remotely possible for you to be enlightened.

And I would appreciate it if you refrained from mentionin alcohol in your posts because I really dont give a rat's ass what you drink!... And i wouldn't want anyone holding my posts in my blog resposible for 'guzzling' down shit...

Nobody is nobody.
Nobody is definitely not somebody.
Nobody is sure as fucking hell not you!

sunilrufus said...

well.......dat was a belligerent post..!!

Another Blogger said...

Thank you... I meant it to be.

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