Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Going nowhere

Everything was going on as usual until 7:00 pm.
(I wish I could say - then time stood still, but it didn’t – don’t know if my watch stopped working though.)
At 7:01 pm disaster struck.
And believe me; it hasn’t struck so bad for a very, very long time.
It feels like being dumped into a ditch that is under underground and still falling under under underground.

At the end of it all I wish I could get lost.
The solution, as always, appeared staring right at me – almost through me, trying to scare me away, but no – I’m brave! I stared back at it and figured it out. The solution was simple.

Go nowhere.

What if somewhere called nowhere actually existed. It would have been wonderful to get lost in nowhere. But you wouldn’t have to get lost in nowhere because nowhere is actually nowhere.
Nowhere is somewhere that is not anywhere.

That is exactly the place I want to go.
Somewhere that is not anywhere.
I honestly feel if nowhere did exist, it would actually be a very popular tourist spot. Everybody feels like going nowhere when they reach that abominable broken step in life which unfortunately presents itself more often than never.

I wonder where all these steps of life lead to though, maybe they lead to nowhere. I am pretty sure they lead nowhere. That is why life is smarter than us – because it actually leads us nowhere.

But I will outwit life.
Somebody has to do it and I am the best option at hand considering me being the only option at hand.

I will discover nowhere – because I believe nowhere is where utopia is; utopia is nowhere.

P.S.: I still am a person who stays true to her word.
‘Love is coming soon’ doesn’t mean love is the next post.
Love is the next post.


sunilrufus said...

after that really depressing post about depression and trying not to get depressed, thinking about depression, i ended up being depressed and now to come out of my depression, i would like you to take me along with you to nowhere!

Another Blogger said...

There is a punctuation error in ur comment. i hate punctuation errors - they make me read wrong.there shouldn't be a comma after 'trying not to get depressed' before 'thinking about depression'. Is this the best you can do? Come on, i thought you had better english.
And i prefer solitude. I'm not taking you along anywhere, least of all nowhere.

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