Saturday, 16 August 2008

Does the date matter?

A couple of my loyal blog visitors have been reminding me about updating my blog for the past two days. One among them even accused me of 'breaking the hearts of the jobless' using the lack of new posts as my weapon. Well, I’m honoured to have such an outstanding position in your hearts - finally the world has started realizing how important it is to be enlightened.
But come on, get a life!

Well, today you are finally going to read lesson no. 3 - So sit up straight, fasten those seat belts (wtf?!) and concentrate...

August 15th, 1947 was my country's Independence Day, quite unlike January 26th, 1950 not really being my country's Republic Day. It is funny how every year we celebrate January 26th as the Republic Day because our freedom fighters decided so. What a farce.

There are so many dates to remember and each year the list keeps growing longer. I gave up a long time back. Now it is more my mobile's responsibility than mine to remember:
1) Who gave birth to whom when
2) Which girl got together with which of her guys when (gender reversible)
3) Which guy got together with which of his guys when (gender, if required, to be changed simultaneously – homosexuality intended)
4) Who got married to whom when
5) Who did not get married to whom when
6) Who died when
7) Who wanted to die when
8) Who lost virginity to whom when
9) Who lied about losing virginity to whom when
10) Who kissed whom when
11) Who broke up with whom when
12) And all the so very 'special days' - Friendship day, Valentines day, Mothers' day, Doctors' day, Fathers' day, Children’s day, Teachers' day.... its endless.

All these stupid, irrelevant dates somebody decided to make important only because they… felt like it.
The point is - it is pointless.
I, from the bottom of my heart feel it leads to an utter waste of time, money, thought process and everything considered valuable in life.

Now the question is, does the bottom of my heart feel?
The bottom most point of my heart should be the apex, which is formed by the left ventricle and the last I heard it doesn't have anything to do with feelings or thoughts - all it does is pump blood to the rest of the body.
So let it be.

Lesson no 3: Do not trust people who fool you with the notion that lesson no 3 is here.


sunilrufus said...

speaking of dates..i can think a few.... date as in khajoor....which has been immortalised by the line " aasman se tapka..khajoor main atka" this has been a favourite food for many..and it is believed that eating this fuels a passion..thats too strong to be blown away by the cold and the terrible rains...

another date is one when i asked shenthol at abt 3.45 pm....thus "date??" and the answer was huh...which means she got what i meant....anyway for those who dunno what am talkin err typing a verb it means to see, court or go out with somone...for me....this date matters more to me... as far as the other lines lost....i dunno a bit of human anatomy!

so next time i ask it could askin u out! and neednt be 15th August 1947 or September 12th 2008!

Another Blogger said...

Why do you always unsuccessfully try to spoil the purity of my posts?..
The answer to the verb form will always be a firm no.

GOD said...


Anonymous said...

i agree wid god !!! loser get a lyf

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