Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Until later...

I just happened to look at the calendar today.
And I see it is the 25th of November, Tuesday today.
I wonder why I did that though because the days and dates never bothered me much.
But right now I think it should.

My universities start on the 5th of December.
This means I have just a little over a week to cram into the little bit of grey matter that I do have in my thick skull the entire portion that has been taught to us over the past one year.
And I have not used my grey matter for quite a bit now, so I probably will face some starting trouble.
I did plan on starting earlier - but I fell ill two days ago (hence no posts!)
I believe it is better late than never.
So I am going to start now – which is late; and not later – which is never.

Do wish me luck.
And if you do believe in Him and only if you are in good terms with Him, put in a nice word or two for me.
I have been good to you, have I not?!
I will let you know if it did help.

This is my fifteenth post in the month of November – not bad at all for a month I planned on not posting on!
My universities go on forever in December.
If I am not mistaken I think I should be released from the shackles of third year medicine, once and for all, by Christmas.
I shall try my best to post some time before that – but no promises!

Be good (evil laugh) especially to people who deserve it.
And keep commenting and re-reading my previous posts.
You never can get enough of enlightenment and who knows what wisdom lies hidden between the lines!

I will miss posting – I don’t know if I will miss you readers though, I wonder if there are any readers.

Until later… never mind!


Tara said...

Will wait for more enlightenment! Anyway, Good luck with your universities! :)

Another Blogger said...

thanks.. i think i will definitely need all the luck i can get!!! :)

Abhilash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arjun said...

Hey... Good luck..!! :)


Anonymous said...

gud lukk 4 ur Xamss doodee.. hav trust in Him too He's gonna hlp ya jst s He hlpd me.. u gonna rock dis Xam.. Pray.. :)

n fynli.. if u nt gonna bcom women onli doc, gimme a free treatmnt ;) ..


farukh khan

humble.farukhkhan@gmail.com s anonymous

Another Blogger said...

@ arjun : thanks dude!

@ Anonymous : hey farukh.. thanks. and it is not 'doodee' i think you meant 'dudette'...
why would i become a 'women only doc'? does such a thing exist? what crap is that?
and nothing comes free, my friend. nothing.

Jane Turley said...

Good luck! Cramming always worked for me...why study all year when you can do it in a week and still pass?!

Hope you have a few decent night's sleep though!

Anonymous said...

heyy buddin doc, i kno izz dudette. dat wrd cam outta smwer dat i evn dunno

hmm .. blimey.. ma ignrns..i hpe fem oli docs desn't Xistt.. wt bout gynoes ?

nuthin coms free ? :( ooo nooo


Sandeep Balan said...

you do have readers my dear...he he...all the best for your universities...and come back without bruises around Christmas...cheers!

preeta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hey all the best for ur xams!! :)didnt know tht evn docs study last min!thot ony engii's lik me did tht!!;)


Adorable Pancreas said...

Am I too late in wishing you luck? It's the thought that counts, and all that. :)

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