Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Minding the mind

The mind is a beautiful piece of art – like a painting.
I compare the mind to a painting after much thought.
It is difficult to compare something as deep and profound as the mind to anything, yet somehow, a painting seems to be almost perfect in its similarity.

Mixtures of a definite set of colours make millions of colours come alive in a painting. And little dabs of these million colours make what is a beautiful (if done with care) representation of reality or imagination. But the essence of a painting can never be understood by merely looking at what is seen, there are always hidden meanings – which make them mysterious and appealing.

Mixtures of a definite set of emotions make millions of feelings come alive in a mind. And little actions resulting from these million feelings make what is a beautiful (if done with care) representation of life as we know it to be. But the essence of the mind can never be understood by merely looking at what is shown; there are always hidden meanings – which make them mysterious and appealing.

Very few understand the true potential of the mind. More often than always it is let free – which supposedly facilitates the inclusion of new dimensions in life.
This couldn’t be further from the truth.
The mind is a weapon far superior to any weapon known to mankind.
If it is untamed it may act in or against our favour.
But if tamed it always acts in our favour.

A person who can tame his mind is someone who can acquire anything in this world.
A tamed mind can make you feel whenever you have to or want to feel.
A tamed mind can make you completely different people by choice.
A tamed mind is like a treasure which can never be opened – a treasure none who try can completely fathom.

Imagine feeling happy whenever you wanted to feel happy – no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in.
Imagine feeling aroused whenever you wanted to – without provocation of any sort.
Imagine understanding each and every action of yours with utmost clarity and defining it in advance removing any possibility of regret.
That is what a tamed mind can achieve.

It is control.
A tamed mind is control over oneself to feel as he pleases, to be whoever he wants to be, to never be completely understood by anyone but himself – because no two people can have the same mind.

Having multiple personality disorder is like a tamed mind gone wrong because having different personalities is suggestive of superiority of the mind.
But to control these personalities and to have them segregated according to time, place and person is the characteristic of a mind which is in control of its state of being superior.

Tame your mind -
Think before you mix those definite set of emotions.
Think before those millions of feelings are generated.
Think before acting on those feelings.
Think before your actions make your life.
Think about what you think.

The tamed mind is far superior to any emotion, feeling or action – it is superior to life.

Try to feel what you feel – so that you can feel it whenever you feel like feeling.

The mind is a beautiful instrument.
Understand yours before trying to figure out others'.


^Lejin^ said...

Isnt this wat makes humans different frm all the other living organisms?
Its a double-headed sword..:)

^Lejin^ said...


worth a read

Another Blogger said...

it is double headed sword only as long as it is untamed.
a tamed mind is, on the other hand, a very useful weapon.

read it - funny thing to call it - 'inner zombie'... what i like most about such reports is how they are so indefinite about what is written and how they take both stands equally.

nice read though - thanks.

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