Saturday, 22 November 2008


One of my loyal ‘followers’ on the path to enlightenment (even though he doesn’t quite like the idea of following me) asked me to post on gullibility.
Now you might be wondering whether I have reached that ‘zenith of enlightening others’ where I start receiving ‘requests’ from followers on subjects to enlighten – I wish it were true…
But the truth remains that you couldn’t be further from the truth.

He asked me to blog on gullibility because he thinks I am gullible.
But that does not matter as far as this post is concerned.
I am posting on gullibility not because he asked me to, it is because I could not think (at the moment) about anything else to blog about.
This post is about what I think about gullibility.

First (as always) about what the word means to me.
Gullible – I think it is a funny word.
It reminds me of gulls.
We used to have plenty of sea gulls during winter in my school back home.
I do not think gulls are gullible though.
They always make it a point to poop only on people – either on their ‘washed and neatly tied’ hair or their on ‘clean and well pressed’ uniforms.
I have never had a sea gull poop on me.
Not that my uniforms were not clean or my hair not washed.
I think it was because I was like them – not gullible.

I do not mind being gullible actually.
It serves as a nice excuse every time you make a fool out of yourself.
They can always blame those who took ‘undue advantage’ of their gullibility.
And the gullible always have some sort of a ‘mother figure’ somewhere around the corner. A friend/relative/partner who is ready to fight against the crime committed against the poor gullible soul.

I take pity on those who trick the gullible though.
They really need to get a life.
I mean, if you know a person is gullible then the fun is lost.
If you want to trick someone or play a prank choose those who are as cunning as you are, they offer much more satisfaction.
What is the point in making a fool out of a gullible person who everybody already knows is easily tricked?

I would never tell anyone not to lie or trick.
Not that if I tell people not to, they will stop – they won’t.
But I would not tell people to stop lying or tricking people even if they would listen to me – I know that sounds very sadistic and I am not a sadist as such.

I think most people get over their gullibility with time.
Lie to them a million times, make a fool out of them another million times and if they do not have that ‘mother figure’ around the corner they are bound to pick themselves up, wipe their tears and brush off their wounds themselves – and then they won’t be so gullible after all.
This is, of course, only if they are not idiots.
Idiots who are gullible are hopeless.
They should be left alone.

So lessons to be learnt:
1) If you are gullible and know so, get rid of your ‘mother figure’ (if you have one) and face your trickster yourself – you will learn from your mistakes.
2) If you are gullible and an idiot, get yourself a ‘mother figure’ as soon as possible (if you do not have one already) or stay away from almost everyone.
3) If you like playing tricks and lying, don’t do it on idiots:
- There might be a ‘mother figure’ waiting to break your bones.
- It is no fun, really, because everyone knows how simple a task it is – get somebody who is not an idiot to play your tricks on.
4) If you like playing tricks on idiots - you are a loser!
5) If somebody tells you that you are gullible but you don’t think you are, understand they have gotten away with something.
6) If you are gullible and don’t know that you are, you would not know right now either, so this lesson really does not matter.
7) If you think being gullible is cute – I have no comments.


Tara said...

You know you have this uncanny ability to make the most boring(pun intended :) of topics seem interesting! Hehe! Nice post! A learning guide for anyone who thinks she is vulnerable, who doesn't think she is vulnerable, who doesn't know if she's vulnerable, or one who cannot think at all! ;)

Another Blogger said...

:) i hope the 'making it seem interesting' did not bore you..

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

I definitely agree with U!!..Gullibility is a curse!!..The only person who u can trust in this world is Yourself!!..noone else!!..yes people do mess around with the gullible..but it does have a positive side too..he will learn life the hard way!!

Another Blogger said...

He might learn the hard way.. but if he is an idiot - he wont.
like that sayin:
'the wise learn from others mistakes and the fool from his own'

i think it should be
'the wise learn from others mistakes, the not so wise from their own and the fools - well they never learn.'

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