Sunday, 9 November 2008


Firstly – I am thoroughly disappointed with the response to my previous post.
I thought I could expect feedback as to which was your favourite post so far.
I think it is not much to ask for after posting 50 enlightening posts!
I received two comments!
If I had a heart that could be broken, it would be.

Secondly – I know I have not been posting for quite a few days now.
It does not mean I have stopped!
How many times do I have to assure you – I am not going to stop!
I have not posted because I have my university internal assessment going on and my final universities starting in the beginning of the next month.
And even though I would like to believe it to be untrue, the truth remains that a medical student has to work hard to get that damned MBBS degree.
So, this post will be short.

Obama made me think.
I like the guy.
He fits the job requirements pretty well.
1) He is very charismatic.
2) Whoever writes his speeches does it very well and he does make one believe he believes in what he is speaking. Plus he knows how to deliver a joke – even if it is not him who made it.
3) He seems to be smarter than Mr Bush – but then almost every human would satisfy this requirement.
And then there was the ‘history in making’ bit.
Everybody enjoys when history is made.
And being on the darker side of the 'complexion scale' you get free with every purchase of ‘Fair and lovely’, I especially enjoyed Obama winning.

I enjoyed it – that is about all.

I know of students in my college who rooted for his presidency.
I know of friends who prayed for him.
I know of friends who kept changing their Facebook status updates for Obama.
I know fellow Indians who are currently residing in India – the ‘youth’ of India – who don’t know the name of our present Prime minister.
I know of fellow Indians who check the voting results of America but do not know who the election candidates in India are.
I know of fellow Indians who ‘wish’ they could vote for Obama but have never in their worthless, ignorant, phony lives cast a vote in India.

I agree United States of America is a super-duper power.
I agree the president of USA might be the most powerful man on Earth today.
I agree this president being black might be something that excites everyone’s search for anomalies.

But I am an Indian and no matter what anybody has to say about anything at all, Obama winning this election will only serve in exciting that ‘search for anomaly’ in me – nothing else.
As far as I am concerned an Indian election is far more important to me because I am an Indian in India.

If you are an American it would be completely human for you to take the interest you have taken in this election.
The question is – How many Americans vouch for Indian election candidates?
Have minorities never stood as candidates in Indian elections?

I am not an extremely patriotic person or one who does not believe in globalisation.
I have a slight problem with Indians who want to be Americans.
You are what you are – the Americans don’t have a problem accepting who they are nor do most of the other nationalities in the world.
Why then do we, Indians, who have a country which actually requires its citizens, have such a tough time being Indians?

I am glad Obama won.
But that is the end of the story.
And I think that should be.

I found this picture pretty nice.


Tys on Ice said...

so many first times .... man walked on the moon...first woman prime minister , no world wars.. black president...

not bad for a life all thats required is for the aliens to land and do the macarena and my life will be complete...

KeyzEr SoZe said...

i love obama mama too, and not cos of the f&l complexion scale thing [lol],but for his speeches, and i think he rites them down himslef!!! [:@]
hes from harvard....hav sum respect!

Another Blogger said...

@ tys on ice : well if you feel there have been so many first times in your lifetime think about how the primitive man must have felt - bet he had more first times than you!

@keyzer soze : "obama mama" - that is hilarious!! he might be from harvard but somehow i am pretty sure he gets help for his speeches! and hey i do respect him!!

Arps said...

hey... just discovered your blog.
interesting reading.

^Lejin^ said...

ter are plenty of reasons y "enlightened" indian ppl wud care more abt America: at times even i cannot identify my place in this Indian society.I cant recognize myself with this society's way of thinking.Its ubsurd, at times primitive, extremist, (incl.ppl who believe its immoral 4 ppl to fall in luv). I dont believe i belong in India, just bcoz i was born in India. Indian Ideals dont give me dreams. I do care who leads America( coz they can make a change)- unlike usual Indians who resist any change around them..

Another Blogger said...

@ arps : Glad you did! do come by more often - i dream of making you one of my loyal followers on the road to enlightenment ;)

@ lejin : if you were telling me in person whatever you typed out right now and if u actually meant it
- i would slap you.
and i do believe actions speak louder than words - so it would be befitting to slap you.

but since you have commented i shall comment back.

you do not know your place in your society because you see yourself as someone you are not.

if you do not feel you belong to your own country and people in this country are not your brethren then you will not find peace anywhere on earth - not america, not anywhere.

you think people in India find love immoral! people in india gave birth to new dimensions of the word love and commitment. people in india are the ones who make marriage a blessing from heaven and not a contract signed.

if indian ideals do not give you dreams you are nothing but a worthless fake hypocrite. if being an indian, your motherland in its current state of development does not call to you - you are deaf and noone can help you but yourself.

its easy to see fault. like the dialogue in rang de basanti - this country is as much yours as is it is of those people you claim to be primitve and extremist. you have as much right as they do to make india a better place. its just that you are too lazy to dig into the dirt.

go to america. let us see who bothers so much about the way you think over there. let us see who gives a damn about your principles (if any) over there.

it is because of the few people like you in the youth of india that future still seems bleak.

indians do not resist change.
noone can resist change.
but if change means becoming america i think india should resist it - because we are who we are - we are india.

india is no america - and i am proud of that.

Disguise said...

Awesome blog
Love the way you write

^Lejin^ said...

Well, u're right "India" is no "America" & i kno very well the answer to the question will anybody in America cares abt wat i think-"no". But life, dreams & ideals are not something determined by my "Birth"Its wat Choose..Im not a fake , not a hypocrite either..I dont pretend to be someone Im not..NO I DONT..the new dimensions u where speaking abt..hmm, im sure u havent really thought deep into wat uve said..Ur deeply patriotic and justifying ur motherland..gr8(in an emotional way, not intellectual)..But, People cant even choose a religion over here!!the Stigmas, Superstitions & lack of Personal freedom Burdens me..o!!!

Another Blogger said...

@ disguise : thank you! keep coming.
I havent been to regular recently thanks to my exams but now im back on track.
so keep reading.
keep getting enlightened.
keep commenting - thanks again.

@ lejin : it is pretty obvious you are referring to a particular red tape you have come across.

i am not talking emotionally - i am talking intellectually. i never talk out of emotion. it is the truth that if you do not love where you are born and what your country of origin can offer you, you will not find happiness anywhere.

if there is any country in the world which can give you what you truly seek - it is the one in which you have your rights as a citizen.

you are more primitive than most people because you think of 'choosing' your religion - when religion is a way of living your life. every person in india has the right to belief anything he wants to - just like every american citizen has the same right.

you are bitter not because you cant do whatever it is you want to do. you are bitter because you are scared of the repercussions.

i do not want to continue this. there is no use trying to instill in you love for something that is as much yours as is mine.

you should have it in you - and i think it is better to leave people like you behind than to have you in this country to poison other's minds.

^Lejin^ said...

No society/culture in world right now, is perfect. Each one has its flaws. nd I indeed still believe Indian ppl have to change their mindset an outlook to life by a lot..

But all of this is in HOPE of a better tomorrow..Nothing pessimistic abt it, Im BITTER,yes, but dats in seeing the pain and INJUSTICE that still prevails in this corrupted nation.

If v Indians dont grow past our silly silly differences & try to THINK more(atleast scientifically), "Break Free" from the chains of Tradition that hold us down(like Tagore said), v r bound as slaves...

and btw, Im a Christian who BELIEVS in a better world to come & perhaps its dats y u cant fully grasp the point of my complain, Im not pessimistic, but i definitely hope for a safer & glorious future ahead..

Another Blogger said...

@ lejin a safer and better tomorrow does not come by wishing and hoping. it comes by working towards it. it is easy to relax and grumble about the way things are - not so working towards a goal.

rather than not taking interest in our country's happenings and thinking about america it would help India more if you tried to help.

you give up without trying.

Anonymous said...

Never commented on your blogs so far... never commented on your comments either... but this one i just cant hold back... First.. Gr8 work and i am your loyal yet silent follower... u know me! Second.. do NOT entertain people who do not belong anywhere... especially those who do NOT know their country.
Keep en"lighten"ing! ;)

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