Thursday, 20 November 2008


I think boredom is a much underrated feeling.
Everyone hates being bored.
Everyone wants to conquer boredom.

I yawn a lot, even when I am not bored (something about me being blessed with hypotension).
Currently, I am bored – meaning I have been yawning more than usual. I have been yawning every five minutes for the last five hours.
My facial muscles are aching from the over activity.
And I got around to wondering why I am bored.

1) People feel bored when they have nothing to do.
This is not the situation I am in right now.
I have my universities starting in two weeks – which means I have much more than you can ever imagine to be doing!
But I think if you belong to these people who have nothing to do, you are so damn lucky.
You can just laze around and do nothing, eat, watch people, eat some more, think how stupid people are, eat again, dream about knights/ladies in shining armours, eat some more again, go for a drive/walk/swim/whatever, eat, eat and eat…
At the end of doing everything you can do you might have a tendency to feel bored - again.
Then it is time to think of all those people who are dying to have time to kill like you do.
Those people who are dying to have five more minutes of sleep, or half an hour more to study.
That is when you realise how lucky you are to have all the time in the world for yourself, how you can do anything you want to do or do nothing at all.
And then boredom does not feel so bad at all – it does not for me at least.

2) People feel bored when they have the same thing to do, over and over again.
Now this is where I am right now.
I have just one thing to do now – study.
I have become a nocturnal creature because I can study only when people sleep.
And I tell you, there is nothing more boring than studying when people are snoring.
I pity people who have the same routine day after day.
I do not believe in a completely different day everyday – routine is good, but only to an extent.
If it is the same food on the same bench with the same person at the same time everyday then it becomes like living the same day for years and years.
There will be minor changes but the routine remains the same – life becomes less worth looking forward to, and you become bored.
This boredom is like a terminal disease.
You need treatment immediately.
And the treatment is ‘change’ and no hospital offers this treatment better than Mother Nature herself.
Do whatever you feel like doing:
- if you feel like quitting your job – do it
- if you feel like getting new friends – do it, nobody can have too many friends.
- if you feel like leaving the country, going on a holiday – do it.
Never let your life bore you because there is nothing worse than letting your life control you rather than you controlling your life.

3) People feel bored because a certain someone or something is missing.
This is seriously sad.
This affects those people whose entire life has come to revolve around just one person or one thing and when that one person or thing is no longer there (everything comes to an end eventually) then life loses meaning.
Life becomes boring.
All I have to say to these people is: ‘Get a Life!!!’
You are the most important person in your life.
And no person or thing has the right, as you do, to make your life boring!

So much for being bored.
Sometimes unexpected things come out of being bored – like this blog post!


Sandeep Balan said...

ha ha ha....u had me rolling down laughing at the last few lines....if such pieces flow frm ur pen when u feel bored, plz remain in tht mode forever...he he....phew man....u blog at a neckbreaking speed....commendable! Enlightening ;-)

Another Blogger said...

thanks there...
Right now, I'm blogging because i don't want to be doing the only other option available - studying!

Tara said...

I could have never thought about boredom in such an interesting way! Lovely piece, didn't get "bored" at all...LOL! Was wondering if "I am bored" should come in the Guinness for being the most repeated phrase...perhaps! :)

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

OMG!!!..u blog when your bored?!!...and with the speed at which you are blogging..I must say U MUST BE REALLY REALLY BORED!!!

Another Blogger said...

tara : i agree with you about the guinness book of records !!! glad the post was not a bore!

genesis of oblivion : oh i am bored. what do you expect from a person expected to study!!! and i blog whenever something out of the ordinary strikes me, and i guess boredom is a conducive environment for extra ordinary thoughts

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