Saturday, 22 November 2008

Somethings and small nothings

I think this blog, for the past few days, has been a mirror to my multiple personality disorder! Almost every alternate post has been deep, profound and philosophical while the others have been weird and plain stupid old me.

I am not a great fan of philosophical stuff – unless I am the one writing, of course.
I mean no offence, whatsoever, to those who love reading deep and profound stuff – even I do it at times!
This post is going to be about why people tend to think ‘deep, profound and philosophical’ stuff.

People read and think about philosophical stuff when:

1) They realise how cool grey hair actually looks on people and desperately need some pronto to look intellectual and wise!

2) They realise they have grown old and still really don’t know anything about life – which nobody really does by the way.

3) They have exams coming up and have a lack of comic books to read.

4) They have exams coming up and anything other than ‘thinking’ and ‘studying’ makes them feel guilty.

5) They don’t have a life.

6) They get dumped by their friends/partner.

7) They realise they are gay/bisexual.

8) They realise their partner is gay/bisexual.

9) They realise all their friends are gay/bisexual.

10) They lose their only source of income/job.

11) Their only source of income sucks the life out of them.

12) Their boss is gay/bisexual.

13) They realise their partner has been only as faithful as they have been.

14) They realise their partner has been less faithful than they have been.

15) Their neighbour is earning more and has a better car.

16) Their neighbour’s wife/husband looks better than their partner.

17) Their neighbour is gay/bisexual and has been making advances.

18) Their neighbour is gay/bisexual and has been making advances at their partner.

19) Their child asks them if they are gay/bisexual.

20) Their child is gay/bisexual.

21) They have nothing better to write/think about other than homo/bisexuality.

I am going to stop now.
I think I lost my train of thought a long time ago.
I need to stop before causing any further damage to the readers.


^Lejin^ said...

Hmm..its Funny dat u say philosophy is mostly related to people who are somehow related to gay/bisexual people..

which of these do u belong to??

Another Blogger said...

The word 'mostly' is almost always used in despair - like 'slightly'. it is used when you are not sure of what exactly you mean to convey.

here the word 'mostly' does not signify anything because 12 out of 21 reasons i have given do not 'relate' to homo/bisexuality.

unless you are much TAKEN by the above mentioned category of people, i wonder why you would consider me 'not' to fall into one among the 12 other reasons i have cited - which are not concerned with my sexual orientation.

^Lejin^ said...

I never judged u.!!.

Hmm.. Which one of the 12?,May i kno??

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