Thursday, 13 November 2008

Going bald

Bald is good.

I am not too fond of my hair.
I know of many people who think my hair is so ‘lively’ and ‘thick’.
I think it is a messy load of unruly keratin fibres.
I have always hated the idea of growing my hair long.
I mean it is nice to look at – but who wants to manage it?!
And here I am now trying (quite unsuccessfully) to grow my unruly hooligan keratin fibres for God alone knows whose benefit.

The last time I had to grow my hair was for my sister’s wedding.
This was because I was supposed to look like a girl – which I apparently did not.
Every one of my ‘grey haired’ relatives thinks having short hair is the same as undergoing a sex change operation.
According to them short hair can mean only one thing – Man.
I tell you – women of yesterday’s era have not had enough exposure to what is down there.

There is more to being a woman than having long hair!
There are other ‘things’ that speak of our feminine nature in a bolder voice.
Why don’t people just be bothered about those ‘things’?
Leave the hair alone!

According to the grapevine, only prostitutes and widows shaved their heads. And I shaving my head might lead myself to be mistaken for belonging to one of among the above mentioned ‘groups of people’.
This is hilarious.

Prostitutes were made to shave their heads as a punishment to the sinful life they have chosen – but today prostitutes live a life only as sinful as almost every Tom, Dick and Harry. The only difference being they earn for their ways of living.
I have not come across many prostitutes in my life but I doubt many of them have shaved heads nowadays.

I have no idea why widows were made to shave their heads – maybe some form of displaying their sorrow – weird!
And as far as being mistaken for a widow is concerned – it is a chance I am prepared to take.

I have always wanted to go bald – shave my head.
I always wanted to have a shiny head.
A head that can actually feel rain drops falling on them.
I had decided to have it done after my school years.
But then my mother and sisters manipulated me into believing that I would look terrible – now that I think of it I really do not understand where from ‘looks’ came into question!

I keep managing to chop off more and more each time I get a ‘new look’. The last one was one step short of shaving my head.
That implies this time I have got to do it.

I think it is pretty strange girls do not feel like shaving their heads around here.
The climate is so humid and sticky.
If I were born here I would have always had a bald head.
I mentioned shaving my head to one of my friends a couple of days back and her response made me think.

She told me to go ahead but to keep two things in mind:

1) My university exams are coming up and we have professors from medical colleges all over south India coming to evaluate our intellectual prowess. Unfortunately, these fools who do not know much tend to pass judgements based on appearances. And a bald headed girl with a nose piercing and multi coloured contact lenses is not what they classify under the ‘smart ones’ rather I would be classified under the ‘totally weird and waste of time’ category which is synonymous to ‘fail without question’ category. So wait till after the universities.

2) People are jobless. They love finding stuff to gossip/bitch/make up stories about – this is especially true in college. After Britney shaved her head and some bird brained actresses changed their hairstyles to get a different look – shaving one’s head has come to mean ‘failed relationship status leading to depression and low self esteem’.

This could not be further from the truth because:
a) I am not in any sort of relationship for it to fail.
b) If there was ‘a relationship’ I would be more than happy to end it and hence would never be depressed.
c) Nothing and nobody can bring upon me a low self esteem. If there is any person on earth who truly thinks she is awesome – it is me – and this stands to good reasoning too.

So here I am – frustrated.
Frustrated because I cannot do what I want to.
Jobless people and stuck-up professors have started deciding what I do with my life.
I wonder where I went wrong.

Should I just go shave my head and not give a damn?


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Another Blogger said...

@ lingerie : thank you lingerie. you have quite a name there - one which is very often mispronounced.

and thankyou for the site info but no thanks. i do not enjoy looking or buying lingerie without personal contact.

KeyzEr SoZe said...

wow!! someones finaly recognised talent!!! :p
without personal contact?? wtf does that mean??

ok so....i think u shud do it. u mite actly pass on as a cancer pt to profs.
or u might actullay look like natalie portman! :)
kk go ahead do it. make my year!

Another Blogger said...

@ keyzer soze : personal contact as in personal contact. i like to put into use all five senses before buying stuff...

i wont look like a cancer patient cos i have eyebrows and eyelashes - plenty!
and as far as looking like natalie portman is concerned - who are you kidding? it is me you are talking about here!!
i know your true intention is just making me the butt of every joke for the rest of your miserable life!!!

Kapila said...

i cant imagine how much i could relate to this post...i got myself a crew cut (thats as close to being baldy-locks as i could get)my folks were ready to disown me! they raised a girl who was now turning into a boy...sigh...for the sake of restoring peace in the world i suggest u shave ur head after ur exams n stuff are out of the way...n maybe u could gimme a join the gang :)

Another Blogger said...

@ kapila : hey there. i always knew there were others who felt the same out there. can't wait for the exams to get over for the 'new born' look.

^Lejin^ said...

hehe..wud be fun to see this happen..dont forget to post the pics..
(Caution:Bone mass in women are lower than in men), make sure u keep ur bald head safe.. :D

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

YES!!! Go on!!..shave your hair off!! I would love to see the army cut on a girl!!

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