Saturday, 15 November 2008


I know what two timing conventionally means.
Here I am not referring to the same.

For the past few days – during and after my internal exams I have come to feel the compelling need for having more than 24 hours a day.
I keep lamenting about how things would be so much better if I had one hour more or maybe a couple of hours more.

After much thought I have realised time management does not work – ever.
What would work in its place would be what I call ‘two timing’ or ‘split timing’.
If we could be at different situations at the same time then we would have time for everything!!!

I think Hermione did something of this sort to attend two different classes at the same time in Harry Potter – now that I would call a complete waste of the awesome ability to split time.

If I could split time I would always make the ‘sleepy me’ stay in class while the ‘whacky me’ can go to the beach or party.
And this would particularly come to use at that last one hour before exam (those who are into ‘only the day before’ studying will totally understand).
Split the time and voila! You can have as many hours as you want – since you can split time more than once.

I (at times) am not a selfish person so I have thought about how it can help others too!

- A new mother can put this good use – she can take care of her baby herself and go to work and kick her husband’s ass at earning more at the same time.
- Newly weds can have extended honeymoons and enjoy their new ‘life’ partners while splitting time going for work and earning money to file a divorce.
- The few special people out there, who are extremely talented (like me), a ‘king/queen of all trades’ can pursue more than one career and become millionaires.

So it is a win-win situation for everybody and I bet there are plenty of people out there who dream of this ‘split timing’ just as I do.
Now the question is how can we split time?
We can only if we knew how to.

I have the solution to that too
– am I not awesome?! (Only affirmative responses allowed)

The solution to discovering how to split time is to ‘work towards it’ – bet you did not know that!
If we all join hands and make it our sole purpose in life there is nothing that can stand in our way to finding this solution.

So I think everyone should give up doing whatever it is they are doing because whatever it is they are doing does not seem to be helping much in the search for the answer to the only question that really matters - ‘how to split time’.

Together we can.
Yes, we can!


The Genesis of Oblivion said...

ok!!..Wacky idea!!..but why split time?!! why dont you wish that we could stop time?!!.. IN that case we have an added advantage of not growing old either!!..think about it!!..stopping time is any day better than splitting time!!

Another Blogger said...

Actually stopping time is not better than splitting time. Man always works better when he has a deadline to meet. if time was stopped there would be a tendency to let it be forever. but if you split time - you can split it into as many parts as you want and each part has time running out - so there is a deadline to meet which pushes the person to finish the work at hand.

And as for growing old - deal with it, kiddo!!!

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