Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sinner or not

I have a splitting headache.
I am pretty sure it is because of my incurable insomnia (again).
My insomnia is not helping my studies either.
So I am going to try and keep this post short.
More importantly I am going to put my thoughts across – but honestly, from past experience, I do not have any hope whatsoever of doing so.

Today I was giving some thought to the seven deadly sins while I was waiting for God Morpheus to come and bless me with slumber.
This is not the first time I have thought in depth about the seven deadly sins. I have done so quite often ever since the movie Se7en released. But until today it was about why there are seven and what else could be appropriately added on to the list. Today, I wonder what doesn’t fit.


Ha! Guess what? This post was supposed to be finished and posted more than four months back. Until some no-respect-for-literary-geniuses-at-work-morons conveniently interrupted my thought process.
Now I shall try and complete this post – the key word in this sentence being ‘try’.

I still have a splitting headache, I still suffer from insomnia and but I do not have any more exams round the corner (posting about that soon!). So I guess the circumstances have not altered much. For those of you who do not know what the seven deadly sins are, the list is as follows:

Now this list disturbs me.
And what disturbs me most about this list is (as expected) ‘gluttony’.
I am a glutton.
I love food. And I love food more when I am the one eating it. And like any other glutton more often than always I end up over eating. But this post, unfortunately, is not about my voracious eating habits. Out of the seven sins there are two which make a person happy. And I think these two do not deserve to be among the seven deadly sins.

Sloth leads to unhappiness because you don’t bother to live life and find happiness.
Envy makes one unhappy because you are too busy dwelling in others' happiness.
Pride makes a person, sooner or later, unhappy when demoralising reality strikes.
Wrath is unhappiness directed in a channel of anger and hatred.
Greed is unhappiness because you forget to enjoy the joy in the world and always want more to achieve happiness.

But, gluttony makes a person happy because food is a form of pleasure to a glutton and it never disappoints or destroys his happiness.
And, lust makes a person happy because (no matter what you may deduce about me from this) sex as an act has never caused unhappiness to those who enjoy it.
This is deduced taking into consideration that high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease and sexually transmitted diseases are preventable with proper measures (ahem!)

I have given much thought to this and I cannot reason out why something that provides pleasure (even if overdone) can be a deadly sin! Gluttony and Lust may be considered a form of greed by many but I vehemently oppose this notion because a greedy person is never ever happy but a glutton is happy while eating even if momentarily and lust too provides pleasure at specific ‘heated’ moments. Even if these “sinners” crave for more it is only because they have experienced true happiness! And since when did the search for happiness in a place where you have already experienced it become a sin?

Hopefully I haven’t gone ahead of myself this time and have typed out my thoughts in an understandable manner. In short, as a glutton, I personally take it upon myself to oppose the inclusion of gluttony in the seven deadly sins (Lust just got a free ride).

Maybe this is just my being in denial about being a sinner!


JuXtApOsEd_BlOgGeR said...

Ok...i guess that i must agree with you when it comes to the lust and gluttony parts (after all, i am a mallu), but i believe that too much of the same dish or ahem...the same girl/guy makes it slightly uninteresting and then you start eating and doing stuff and not really enjoying it. SO i guess if you keep changing dishes and men/women with time, you are not a sinner...
p.s Nice to see you back...

Ted said...

Neat post. I too am a glutton. Sigh. Shameless plug, my wife writes about the seven deadly sins in movies at Ted

Another Blogger said...

@ Juxtaposed Blogger: What matters is not the number as far as the sin is concerned. As long is you overdo it, it is a sin - that is what is disturbing!
And, it is great to be back!

@ Ted: Thanks! I feel honored to have a fellow glutton reading my blog. I hope you continue - to be a glutton and to read my blog!

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