Friday, 9 April 2010

Happily sad

I just figured out what is wrong with the world!

Well, there are quite a few things wrong with the world, like females being females and incapable of reproducing without the help of males who are shamefully categorised into the same species as us but… – I sincerely apologize for that burst of emotion. I do not know where that came from. As far as I know myself, I am not a feminist; I hate all sexes alike (for those wondering: male, female and the in-betweens).
I guess today is just one of those ‘anti-men’ day.
Getting back to the point of the post and putting an end to my pointless banter – I figured out what is wrong with the world.

What is wonderful about me figuring out what is wrong with the world is that I also know how to solve the problem! I know you know I am a genius but this time I have really outdone myself. In case you have not figured it out already the root cause of all the problems in the world is in one way or another related to depression. When a person is depressed he not only harms himself, he decreases his productivity and more often than not harms others as well – maybe unintentionally, maybe not.
So this, in short, is what is wrong with the world.
Everybody knows what it is like to be depressed and everybody in their own selfish little way have caused harm to the world thanks to their depression. Figuring out this problem, however, does not need a genius to rack his brains. The real problem lies in solving the problem and not discovering its existence.

Being a doctor (Wow… I love saying that) you would expect me to prescribe a solution as simple as anti depressants to every human in the world. But anti depressants are a sham – they just make the brain squeeze out happy juices so that we tend to mask our depression. But masking depression leads to being depressed about being depressed, hence forming a vicious cycle.
The real solution, however, lies in being happy about being depressed!

I know it may sound weird but put those narrow minds at rest and broaden the horizons of your thoughts. Last night I was talking to a friend and I realized I have been in and out of depression for so long I am no longer depressed about being depressed. And that is when I decided from now on I am going to be happy about being depressed. The power of the mind is so often underestimated. For a determined person, set to solve the most disturbing problem in the world anything is possible.

Hence, at this very moment, I proudly proclaim that I am, indeed, happily depressed.

Being depressed is nothing to be depressed about. It is a part of life – one that makes the world stink. Try and enjoy it because when you do it disappears. So I hereby free you from all those depressing thoughts about depression. Live it, savour it, treat it with the same amount of fervour as you would treat passion and you will learn depression is just a way of life. It has been perceived in the wrong manner for so long that nobody now knows how to deal with it anymore.

So you enlightened few needn’t ever be depressed about being depressed. Go on and be happily sad because there isn’t any better feeling in the world than kicking depression’s ass!

P.S.: My ‘happily sad’ state has moved onto euphoria. Please forgive the nonsense.

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Rineez said...

"There isn’t any better feeling in the world than kicking depression’s ass!"
I agree! :)

But the rest.. I have no clue.
I don't remember being depressed in my life longer than 2 days(for same reason).
I have no idea what will be the state of people who really have a very good reason to be depressed.

I think the bigger issue is that we often don't even realize that we are depressed, for long time.

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