Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My new prefix

It has been four long and happening months.
And that is exactly what this post is about.

December: I went home to study. I sort of tried to study and that is what matters. The month flew by. It is funny how you take small comforts such as homemade food on the table right on time and being woken up by a person rather than a jarring alarm for granted. I attended a wedding too. In short it was like a vacation, the only “tiny” difference being that it was actually my study holidays – but that isn’t much of a difference anyway.

January: I returned to my hostel a couple of days before my Final MBBS universities began – to settle in. I settled in pretty well – me and my friends went shopping and took extremely long coffee breaks.
The exams: It just kept getting worse. And the first exam was just average for me – meaning the details of the last exam is not worth typing down (not to mention how it put me into a never ending state of depression!).
Of all the exams one in particular changed my life – Surgery Practicals. Not only did I call up my sister during the noon break and tell her I am not planning on giving the afternoon session (Thank God I don’t put all my thoughts into action!), I also changed my idea of a dream job. I always wanted to be a plastic surgeon but this exam changed it all – now I have no idea what I want to do in life, again (Applause please!) – I am working on it though, sort of.
The only thing that kept me going during the torture period was the thought of having that much revered prefix to my name in less than a month.

February: I tried my best not to think about the upcoming results and I succeeded quite well. Home was fun, fun and lots of fun. Shopping with my sister for Valentine’s, disasters in the kitchen, getting sloshed with my sister and her husband, late night karaoke sessions made life beautiful again!
During this beautiful period I decided to boost my ego a little bit by taking the TOEFL. And it certainly did. Yours truly managed a score of 118/120 after sleeping through half of the listening section. I don’t mean to brag (*false modest look*) buy how many people do you know who can manage that? So, now I have a brand new reason for you to continue reading my awesome blog – it might help your language skills!!
Results: As always I was late in figuring out that the results were out (even after most of my friends changed their FB statuses to include the newly attached prefix). My results were better than expected (since I expected not to pass!). Anyway, the point is I passed with flying colours and I am, finally, after four and a half years of laziness, procrastination, fun and frolic a DOCTOR (Standing ovation please!)

March: My first month as a doctor was fantabulous. I was posted in a little heard of rural area with nine colleagues and we had a blast. Work was fun and avoiding work was even more fun. Late night walks, bonfires, barbeques and life threatening rock climbing – it was adrenaline all the way. At the end of the month all I could wish for was more of the same.

April: I am back in hostel for my last month in this city. I will be transferring home next month to complete my internship living with my currently lonely, soon to be engaged sister. As of now, work is scarce and boredom rules. I am trying to manage an anorexic look but being a glutton doesn’t really help. Also considering a trip to Amsterdam in the near future and continuing my further education in the U.S. – but that is still being analysed and re-analysed in my ‘Ideas that can change my life for better/worse’ workshop.
That is all that’s happening in my happening life. And with that I come to an end with banter – buckle your seatbelts because I have a few enlightening posts coming up!


JuXtApOsEd_BlOgGeR said...
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JuXtApOsEd_BlOgGeR said...

Congrats on reaching the mark...Miss Doctor Blogger...awesomenes...without your help as a going-to-become doctor, me and my two, no 'three' friends would be doomed...
SO in order to celebrate becoming a doctor, i say take the next flight out to Amsterdam, and go to this place called me...

Jane Turley said...

Um..I'm a bit late here Dr A.B - but congratulations:)

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