Thursday, 15 April 2010

My weapon

This post is especially dedicated as a warning to the person who told me my last post ‘sucked like all the rest of them’. I would also like to dedicate it to any frustrated overbearing moron who tries to irritate me in the future.

I am armed and dangerous.

Three days ago I was posted for evening duty. I hate evening duty. It makes me cranky the whole day. The torture of waiting for non existent patients for two whole hours, putting my social life on hold for sitting in a dinghy health centre, walking back to hostel to find all your friends have already made plans excluding you and most of all waiting the whole day for evening posting to begin so that it can come to an end – I really have my reasons for hating evening duty. The day in question was similar. I was cranky the whole day and when my friend offered me a ride back to hostel I thought something was going right – finally. Well, I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Due to unforeseen circumstances he had to drop me off at a junction which was a five minute walk away from my hostel. I cursed myself for my brilliant decision but decided it isn’t that big a deal since my day had been terrible so far anyway. I decide to call my ‘support system’ for company and Voila! My phone battery is dead. One minute in to the walk and all the streetlamps go off – power cut. So here I am, after an exhaustingly terrible day standing alone in the middle of a ‘notorious’ street in the dark with no phone to call anyone in case of emergency.

As any other person in my shoes would have done I started cursing out loud. I was unsure whether to continue on the walk or to stay put. But a weird idea similar to ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’ made me decide to walk on with the help of occasional light cast by the headlights of cars zooming by.

Two minutes into the walk and I see the silhouette of a guy walking towards me – very unsteadily. And then I hear him speaking aloud to himself – A drunkard.
When God decides to have fun and enjoy putting you through shit, He makes sure He goes all the way!
I can’t cross the street because suddenly the cars seem to be zooming by faster and the drunkard had very obviously noticed me. That is precisely when my brain started working in amazing ways. I put my hand into my bag and fished out the closest thing to a weapon that I had – My stethoscope.

I start swinging my stethoscope rowdily – and I somehow felt wildly similar to a cowgirl with a lasso. The drunkard in all his stupor must have felt the same because my current ‘avatar’ had made him stop in his tracks. He looked like a mouse cornered. He started looking around for a way out while I was charging in his direction with my stethoscope swinging wildly! With no other choice but death he crosses the busy street clumsily, horns blaring from ever car on the street and I just couldn’t help but laugh.

I had scared a guy using my stethoscope. Whoever would have thought of the stethoscope being such a fearsome weapon? The point is that necessity is the mother of invention.

Now, I always have my stethoscope with me – even when I go to the mall!
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