Saturday, 7 November 2009

Home Sweet Home Sour

I was home.
That is my excuse.
I know I was ‘planning’ on blogging daily.
But I went home.
I think it is a very excusable excuse.

I had to ‘renew’ my visa.
For those who do not know, I am an NRI (Non Resident Indian – for the ones who have always had trouble with abbreviations). Well I am not exactly an NRI because I am residing in India currently but technically I am not.
I was born and brought up in a country were being born and brought up in the country does not make you a citizen. That is pretty weird according to me.
I was in this country for 16 years of my life. This country is still what I ‘significantly’ refer to as home. And sometimes I feel foreign in both India AND this country. I guess that is what qualifies you as an NRI – feel foreign everywhere.

Well the point is not that.
The point is that the point is actually forgotten.

Let me try beginning again.
I have a residence visa of this country and had to have it renewed so that I can continue to be an NRI.
I took a ticket home.
I got a health check up done to rule out infection by a particular ‘notorious’ virus – which is apparently mandatory for a residence visa (I wonder why!).
I got a passport size photo taken.
I got my visa renewed.
I took a ticket back to India (which is also home, I guess).

So now after a week at home I have learnt that:
I am still an NRI residing in India – which is still confusing.
I am not infected – yet. (applause please)
I still have the skill to look like a stranger in my passport size photos.
Food is all I need to be happy.
I can gain the weight I lost in five years in five days.
People change.
Cities change faster than people.
And most importantly:
Home is sweet when you arrive and sour when you depart – still.

Next time I am home I’ll be a doctor – I think that is cool and more importantly… scary.


Asit Dhal said...

yes buddy, people change and cities change we need to change to survive.

Mon Espace said...

Hey, been long since I came here..Nice theme btw..I have a similar look one on my phone, but its darker hence at times depressing..

Do you enjoy the compulsive confessor?( in case you didn't know, shes the Indian version of Carrie Bradshaw, supposedly. Penguin even made a book out of her blog. Overrated. The whole thing. But that's besides the point- Do 'you' like her? And yes, this question does have a motive :)

"Well the point is not that.
The point is that the point is actually forgotten." - :)

Another Blogger said...

@ Asit Dhal: We don't need change to survive, we need to change to keep ourselves entertained - and Mother Nature makes sure we are having one hell of a show!

@ Mon Espace: I share the opinion that the new theme is kind of depressing, but I would rather use the adjective 'nostalgic'.

I do remember reading a post by the compulsive confessor quite a while ago, thanks to one of our mutual friends who likes her posts. He seemed to think my posts resemble hers on some level which I unfortunately failed to identify. I did hear about the book too. But my limited resources have successfully prevented me from reading it.
My opinion of the little I have read of her blog would be - it is humorous, young, lively but does not have content I relate to.

You have perked my sleeping monster named 'curiosity' with your secret 'motive'. Waiting for you to put it back to sleep before it creates havoc. (^_^)

Mon Espace said...

:)..Your posts do resemble hers at some odd vague level..Not content wise, but the way you phrase things...I was hoping you wouldnt answer in the negative..That wouldve put me in a fix :P

Bindu said...

You staying in the Middle East, are you now? :D

Asif said...

Hey, this is my first time visit here...really liked the way you phare the things.
Looking forward to visit here regularly.:)

Anonymous said...

Sweet and Sour...
Cool and Scary...


keep blogging! ☺


teena12a said...

hey..interestingly put and yes the point lost in the words :-)
congrats on being a doc finally!
keep blogging :)

Another Blogger said...

@Bindu: Home is kind of there and I am in my motherland.
@Asif and Elessar: Thank you Thank you. Keep reading.
@Teena: Great to see you here. Sam told me you read my blog - I am honored :) And it feels great to be a Doc - FINALLY!

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