Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nobody speaking Really

A lot of people all around the world are realists.
I am one among the aforementioned.
I like to believe the above statement.
But believing is not being.
So to be a realist I must ponder over it – like a realist – and that is exactly what this is.

I just watched ‘Roman holiday’ again.
I like love stories that end the way this does.
My friends think I am depressing for the very same reason. Some think I’m a sadist. I am not depressing, maybe a little sadistic but definitely not depressing.
I feel I am being a realist.

Did you know there is a word ‘Realistically’?
Somehow the word seems very weird to me.
A realist is supposed to perceive things as they are – as in, they perceive things in their real form. I was of the idea that the adverb form describing the way realists perceive things would be ‘Really’. But then when I started typing out this post and the word that got typed out by my much smarter subconscious mind was ‘Realistically’.

Now ‘Realistically’ is quite different from ‘Really’ – according to the awesome dictionary in my head which always comes up with meanings much more comprehensible (for me) than any dictionary I have referred to till date.
‘Really’ is real – the facts as it is, the true form of everything, the ultimate raw deal. There is nothing to do with the thinking brain as far as this word is concerned.
‘Realistically’ is not raw – as a matter of fact it is the exact opposite of raw. It is something that has been thought over and over about. It is like rational, logical and practical and all the horrible words people use to make people do what they do not want to do.

I do not like ‘Realistically’.
In fact, I hate ‘Realistically’.
I like ‘Really’.
What I want to be is a person who speaks ‘Really’ and not ‘Realistically’.
But nobody speaks ‘Really’.
And that makes me nobody.
But I believe speaking ‘Really’ is worth being nobody for because I would rather be a nobody who speaks ‘Really’ than a somebody who speaks ‘Realistically’.
Somebody in the above statement refers to Realists.

And hence I have come to terms with my opinion of realists.
I do not want to be one of them.
I almost hate them.
I would rather be nobody than be them.
They are just a group of pessimists with a really bad excuse.

So much for believing I was a realist about 5 minutes ago.


One Bizarre Scribe said...

Imho, a realist is just an optimist who's woken up. But probably it wouldn't work in the context of Hollywood romances.. :)

artdirectoruae said...

What I have to tell you is,"let's look at the situation realistically !!!!"
Enjoyed ur blogs, keep writing.

Asit Dhal said...

I am super-confused.....

I understood we should use realistic more often than really. is that true ??

Another Blogger said...

@ One Bizarre Scribe: I would still prefer referring to realists pessimistically as a pessimist with a bad excuse.

@ artdirectoruae: Welcome to my humble abode of enlightenment. I hope it is not too confusing around here. You can find your way along by reading through the posts of yesteryear when I was a 'regular' blogger. Now times are tough and this blog is rusty. Keep commenting.

@ Asit Dhal: Super confused is one step away from figuring it all out. In short, I hate it that there is nothing like 'speaking really' and that realists speak 'realistically'.

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