Sunday, 11 October 2009

Inscrutable ambiguities

There are things I can’t figure out no matter how hard I try.
These are called the inscrutable ambiguities of my life.
This post is about them.

I figured I have bored my loyal followers on the road to enlightenment enough with depressing, miserable hopeless posts. If I try a teeny-weeny little more I think I can push everyone of you to commit suicide. And then I would have no followers.
I do not want that.
So here goes.

1) In a class of about 200 students a Senior Professor of Medicine cracks a ‘joke’ which makes you want to murder him for the crime of brutally killing humour. And to your utter horror, friends who used to pass snide remarks at bad jokes a year back are roaring with laughter. And you wonder if you didn’t really get the joke. But then you realize they are just buttering up his ass royally to lick it later – leisurely. What I do not understand is do they actually think he is going to note that they didn’t laugh at his bad joke? Do they actually want the poor professor to live in the illusion that he has cracked a good joke – just to embarrass himself somewhere else in front of someone else? Do they actually think laughing at his jokes will help them pass their exams? My limited intellect fails to answer these questions. You are welcome to help me.

2) We had a beach party recently – for the graduating batch. The male gender was dressed like they were going fishing – shorts, T-shirts, flip flops and the sort. The female gender was dressed for a homecoming – dresses, make up, stilettos and the sort. So here we were, a batch of 250 students who have been seeing each other for at least 4 years now, looking like we came from two different planets. What is it about the same species of animal that make them behave so distinctly different? Is it because guys want to have a nice time without bothering about how they look while girls are too vain about how they look? Or is it because guys don’t really have to look good to impress girls while girls have to look a perfect ten for a guy to even consider her worthy of a glance? And who were we trying to impress after 4 years anyway?!

3) What is it with rock and people in the age group of 15-30? Is it some sort of a switch that goes on when you become an adolescent? Is it the lyrics? Or does just the music and living it make life easier for people who have most on their minds? Does rock really help? I never listened to rock until I was 12, until I had my first crush! I still love rock and I still have insane troubles in my life. I guess I'll move on to Enya or Yanni when I’m around 35. Most people I know have a similar story to tell. I think it is the lyrics but I need confirmation. So if you think you can tell me for sure the reason please do let me know because at least then, the day my children (God forbid I have any) start listening to rock I will know for sure they are living their colourful lives to the fullest.

4) This is the ultimate inscrutable ambiguity of all inscrutable ambiguities – why do I bother? Why do I wonder about these minute details which nobody else even notices? Why do I spend time pondering about the most insignificant of things? Is it because I am jobless? But I am not really jobless. I have lots work in pending. Is it because I don’t want to do the work I have in pending and enjoy thinking about nothing at all? I know most of you might not be able to answer this and help me out here. And hence this the most inscrutable ambiguity of them all.

That is all for now – this post was not meant to make you laugh. It was just meant to save you from the terrible throes of sorrow and suicidal thoughts. It is food for thought…or thought for food (whatever!)

It is just another cranky insane post.


^Lejin^ said...

2)The key word here is "Beach Party"!!The gals thought about the "Event", the guys thought about the "Party"!!

3)For some its the lyrics, some say they get a "Kick" out of it, for some its just the Cool factor!!

4)That's one of the things that separates us from the rest of the Animal Kingdom.:P You should ponder more about that inscrutable ambiguity!! :)

Another Blogger said...

@ ^Lejin^: Thank you for sharing your perspective. Somehow the answers are not quite satisfactory.

Asit Dhal said...

we also laugh all aloud when our old professors crack the worst PJ, becoz he is a professor and that makes him happy.

Ohh....beach party....I enjoy that !!!!

Elessar said...

what i cud think of:
1) well, the guys in tht situation laughed just to please him and build up an impression that they believ wud probbly help them in some future situation to their gain. or is ur question more like- y do ppl fake and try to be nice to others in general?
2)i ges it's all linked to the customs...accepted and expected human social protocols and stuff...i mean i ges it's the same reason why women wear jewellery and make up at all- instead of just the beach instance. oh and an extent- girls have to make effort to look pretty in eyes of men, but men don't have to...cos they're not expected to- again the same reason for this.
(Ah! what a convenience! :) now only if trends change a bit more and make it cool to be obese or skinny ;) )

3)dunno- music always remain a mystery to me...actlly i dont enjoy much of music...but i like enya, yanni and slow rock...
maybe cos rock and all tht hard and active music matches with the general mood of youth? and gradually slows down so the change?

4)ah! a very fundamental requires a fundamental answer?- determinism tht's all! ;)

Another Blogger said...

@ Elessar: 1)they might have laughed to 'please' him - i figured that out! but what is inscrutable is, do you actually think he would notice who laughed and who did not? if he doesnt what difference does it make if you laugh or not!

2) customs, traditions, social norms, trends - created by sadistic people. i have posted on it -

3) i dont think ill ever mellow down. does that mean ill always love rock? i like to think so.

that way my kids and i can go to concerts together - disturbing thought!

4) fundamentally determined to figure out sense in a senseless world - whyyy????!!!! why meeeee!!! ROFL!!

Elessar said...

1)well, they hope that he does- if their basic aim is to impress him a nd gain somthing outta it- i don't see why they shudn't go abt leaving no stone unturned.
if he doesnt- its fine, they dont lose anything. There is a probability that he may- and tht wud mean a gain. A win/no-loss situation shud always be exploited.

4)hmmm, i dont know whether u got what i meant...but if u have:well-
"why?"..."why you?" - determinism again!
Its a stupid answer from my part, oc...cos u can keep attributing everything to determinism till the big bang! (:
i just use it to make ppl shut up when they get drunk and ask the "what is the meaning...why are we...what is the purpose...etc" type of qs! :P

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