Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mind your Mind

Today – bad day.

But I think I am actually getting used to it.
Days are so bad nowadays that even though the next day is worse I don’t seem to actually notice or compare.
The only thing that would really surprise me is if a ‘good day’ came along out of nowhere – wishful thinking.
The idea of a ‘good day’ sounds ridiculous.

"Stop the bickering, you fool" – Didn’t I just take those words right out of the tip of your tongue?! I am a mind reader too now - 'awesomeness unlimited'.
I have noticed that my blog has two new followers.
I think it is coincidental how my blog attracts followers when it is least active and wards off followers when I actually post daily.
I don’t believe in coincidence – so I think it is the lack of posts that attracts followers.
That would be pretty dumb.
But then, people are dumb.
I am glad I have new followers – end of story.

I am going to keep posting – you can’t bribe me out of it!

I have noticed how unenlightening my blog has become – depressing!
Now this is not because I have not been having any enlightening thoughts of late – on the contrary, I have been having plenty.

A week back I was forced to imagine my mind – as a result of someone telling me to mind my mind.
Those of you who have been regular followers would know minding my mind is nothing short of an ‘impossible’ task.
This, precisely, makes quotes such as ‘nothing is Impossible’ and ‘Impossible is a word in the dictionary of fools’ gibberish as far as I am concerned.
- Minding my mind is impossible
- Minding my mind is not ‘nothing’
- I am not a fool.
So I was imagining my mind.
Scientifically, I think, nobody has been able to localize any particular part of the human brain to be the ‘mind’.
The mind is not the brain.
In my opinion, it is like the soul-body relationship.
A relationship in which the brain plays the role of the body in which the mind is the soul – making 'the mind' something we want to believe in even without seeing it.
That is where the teeny-weeny problem comes in.
My imagination does not like things that cannot be visually linked.
Hence I came up with this image for the mind.

Now this image is pretty childish – it is definitely not scientific and I don’t want it to be philosophical.
It is simple – that is all that I am concerned about.
The simplicity is what impresses me – because I think the more complex things are, the more farther from truth they are.

My mind is like a series of doors.
One door leads to the next.
I am unaware of how many doors there actually are.
A stranger is not let in even through the first door.
But an acquaintance might find his/her way to the second door.
Each door opens into a little information about me.
Every friend opens a couple of doors and either stays put or moves further on.
As they move further, they get to learn more and more about my mind, along with me.
No matter how far I let people go there is still a long way till we reach the last door.
All I know about myself is the information that I have from letting people reach the point they have. I know nothing about the information I shall receive at that door which I have not let anyone open yet.
The farther I let people in, the more I will know about myself and my mind.

The only way you can learn about your mind is by letting people into it.

What I am trying to figure out now is what lies beyond the last door?
Eternal happiness, peace, bliss, heaven, redemption – all sound nothing short of hypocritical and unreal to me.

I have a feeling what lies beyond the last door is purer than all of the above mentioned
– It is insanity.


Tys on Ice said...

ok...let me confuse you further...if u notice, u will see that everything that is processed in the brain is not reflected in the brain...sight for example...where do u see? it inside ur head, or is it outside...if it happening inside ur eyes? u get wht iam saying rite?...mind, i think is the result of being you...that is experience , thoughts, perceptions, translated thru a chemical dies with u...coz it doesnt have a stand of its own..personally i dont think a soul exist cud be just a wishful thinking for continuity...logicaly theres nothing that can indicate theres continuity ...

minding ur mind is like u said impossible, since it will be like telling u to spend 10 minutes not thinking of mangoes....u have brought it to existence.

Another Blogger said...

did not confuse me.
i think the eyes are an instrument used by the brain to perceive the environment around it, the mind decides are reaction, thoughts and emotions related with the perception.

impossible isn't a word in the dictionary of fools after all, is it?.. :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Good one from anti-supporter of world..
haha..jus kidding...
i wish you become some journalist sometime..
ur thinking suits those of konkona-sen's roles which she portrays herself in many movies...
Never mind that was me , not any matured guy...
You got two followers bcuz they find you think the same way they do....
i think so...
Again never mind,cuz that was me again
keep posting..i find it interesting vuz its not usual stuff..

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