Thursday, 15 January 2009

Now who is laughing?!

It is me!
This post is to let all my dedicated followers and comrades on the path to enlightenment know that I have had the last laugh.
I – referring to me – the Enlightened one.

I have received my next award!!
(Everyone is requested to applaud at this point. You also have permission to give me a standing ovation. It would be even better if you would get up on your chair and affirm with utmost sincerity my sheer awesomeness.)

Thank you. Thank you.

Now for my acceptance speech:
*drum roll*
This award is dedicated to the fool who stopped following my blog. You are lucky I don’t remember who you are. I sincerely hope you are enjoying rotting in hell. And if you have not noticed, I have 13 followers - again! So no one really misses you.
Thank you once again, I couldn’t have done it without you!

It is called the ‘Brilliante Weblog Premio Awards 2008’ – pretty brilliant name.
And for those of you who can’t wait to get a look at it:

Now I have to nominate seven people who are worthy of this splendid award.

1) Arjun: I don’t know if you have received this award already because I am sure you win quite a few. This is my gift to you.

2) Tys on ice: For making complex issues seem simple at hard times, you deserve way better than this.

3) Sandeep Balan: Again – In the hope of him finishing his ‘Blonde’ story.

4) Keyzer Soze: Again – In the hope he will keep posting and not give up on the blogosphere.

5) Genesis of Oblivion: Again – In the hope of him accepting my first award!

6) Kapila: As an aid for her to believe in herself and realize she is truly brilliant.

7) Another blogger: She is awesome - Can I award myself again?

Well with that we come to the end of yet another truly enlightening, marvelous post by yours truly…

P.S.: For the visually impaired blog readers – there is a poll being conducted in this blog. You are requested to kindly vote so that your voting rights are not withdrawn.
The last I checked there was just ONE vote – very disappointing.


Arjun said...

Hey congos on it...
And thank u so much for it...

Been quite a few days since i checked ur blog.. Will do it soon.. :) :)


Keyzer Soze said...


thanx thanx!

ive exhibited al yur awards in the blog now!
see see!:D

p.s: u dint deserve it though!

Kapila said...

*applauds AND gives a standing ovation* this is extatic getin nominated for an award (wonder how happy u are getting the actual thing)..u rock! ur blog rocks! and may the person who's stoped following ur blog get squished by a rock :)

Chriz said...

haha.. the last one was good.. awarding to self..

congos men... hop down for some crazy read

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

hey!!..Thanks a lot!!..dumbo!!..My blog as well as urs were blocked by our new FortiNet filter..under the category Pornography!!..CAN U BELIEVE THAT!!!!!i mean off all the things they could do..they had to categorise this as PORN!!!!

Another Blogger said...

@ Arjun : Glad to be able to say 'welcome'. Keep reading!

@ Keyzer Soze : I am sure I am not even half as deserving as you are :P Does this mean you will keep posting?

@ Kapila : You have just reserved a place among the chsen ones who will receive the next award i have to pass on!! :)

@ Chriz : Thankyou! Keep dropping by. It makes my day.

@ Genesis of Oblivion : This is ridiculous! I play a part in Pornography??! I feel like I have been used .. lol Now we know for sure that people are generally plain dumb!

Sandeep Balan said...


*wipes away the sweat from the bro* backkkkkk....feels so good to be blog was on its deathbed when god intervened and the disease was cured!! he he...have been keeping damn busy with work n loads of travelling daa....patna..bangalore...delhi...orissa...gujarat...lucknow...mysore...have been all over in the last 2 months....

i know i have committed a cardinal sin by not updating my blog...n even worse, leaving the blonde story apologies for that...i will churn out posts with alarming regularity from now on......your awards have motivated me to....thanx a ton....blonde 3 will see daylight after 2 months in darkness soon ;-)

keep writing daa...

Another Blogger said...

@ Sandeep Balan : blonde 3 was awesome.. as expected... :D keep 'blaagin' ..

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