Monday, 5 January 2009

Laugh else I will shoot you

What is happening to the world?!
That is a rhetorical question – please do not attempt to answer it.

The economic crisis does not concern me – yet.
So I am not interested in talking about salaries and expenditure.
To hell with how much money you make – it sure is not satisfying you, and my bet is it is a matter of utter dissatisfaction for me too!

Here I am, depressed as hell.
Look at my posts!
Two posts on negative emotions – this is really bad.
And the fact that none of you, I repeat, NONE OF YOU faithful ‘followers’ pointed it out makes me wonder what sort of depressed, lonely, frustrated buffoons I have for followers.

I also noted today that the number of followers I have just went down by one.
Whoever this person might be is definitely lucky because I can’t seem to remember who it is.
Now, I am pretty sure the ‘ex-follower’ is under the false impression that he is more enlightened than me and does not need to follow my posts anymore to attain enlightenment – well you, Mr Negative I.Q., are a fool - that is enlightenment, for you!!
My blog and I are much better without you following!
And you shall rot in hell for ‘de-following’ my blog – unless, of course, you decide to follow my blog again.

Now I know what the rest of you are thinking.
“This lady has gone bonkers. She is totally out of her mind. She is so desperate for followers. Maybe I should not follow her.”
Well, you know what – go ahead.
You will rot in hell too!

Sometimes I think I must become a clown – I definitely look like one.
My nose has the same bulbous end and if I have a cold it turns red too - but it gets leaky, I wonder if clowns have leaky noses.
My depression seems to be depressing my parents.
Hence I am no longer depressed now.
And nor am I going to post depressing posts.
I am going to try and crack you up – so you better laugh!

I was wondering what would really make me laugh.
And all I could think of was making someone slip on a banana peel.
I know it is pretty sadistic – but that would definitely make me laugh.
I wonder if that is okay for a doctor.
I wonder if a badly injured patient would make me laugh – that would be really disturbing – for the patient, of course.

So what makes you laugh?
If I were in front of you right now with a bazooka (I love the sound of that - bazzoookaahh) threatening you to laugh at my posts, would you?

I have always wanted to say ‘Hasta la vista, baby’.
I hate the ‘baby’ bit though.
Maybe I will modify it to ‘Hasta la vista, moron’.
I never liked Arnold though – I think he did the world a favour by quitting movies and joining politics.
Maybe that is why people keep voting for him – because they are so grateful they don’t have to watch him ‘trying’ to act anymore!

Well, whatever it may be, the point is simple:
You’d better laugh at my posts!!


Jane Turley said...

I laughed...please do not shoot me. I am too young to die!

Well okay maybe not I'm not too young...but I'm definately don't want to die gratuitously at he hands of a bazooka wielding doctor. Be more sympathetic - use your stethoscope please.

Another Blogger said...

@ Jane Turley : I have reconsidered my stand as far as you are concerned Mrs T. I think i shall let you live. but trust me, my steth can do more harm than a bazooka... :)

Keyzer Soze said...

nice post!!!!!

and whoever the fker is who defollowed u, im his beeg fan!

Another Blogger said...

@ Keyzer Soze : Oh my God!! Am i dreaming??..
*pinches herself*..
Thanks!! :)
well, as far as the one who de-followed my blog is concerned.. you don't know who he is :P so no use becoming his fan!!

Anonymous said...

Better! Was beginning to feel the depression... just got back to ur posts and found them in a really down-in-the-dumps state... was wondering if u werent really having hearty breakfasts or meals anymore... keep laughin... n keep makin them roll...

Another Blogger said...

@ Anonymous : The hearty breakfasts have become more of hearty brunches now - as is usual during holidays. The depression has disappeared - I murdered it.
Keep laughing or you'll be my next victim :P

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

lol..This is one of your best post ever!!..I simply love the title and best of all, Imagining you with a BAZOOKA!!!..hahaha!!..that one was hilarious..Good work..And about that guy who de-followed u..did he remove himself from your follower list??!..or are you pissed at someone who did not respond to your tag!!..=D..oh sorry that was me..=P...sorry dodo!!..was very busy the last 2 weeks..I hope you understand!!

Another Blogger said...

@ Genesis of Oblivion : Thank you. Thank you...
*takes a bow*
Mr Negative I.Q. stopped following my blog. As far as your tag is concerned - i have lost hope.
you are hopeless!

ROFLOL said...

lol... at least humour can b free in dis recession period :)

Another Blogger said...

@ ROFLOL : Your name is very satisfying :) i think you deserve to live...
Your profile says u are 18.. i am amazed how you lived for 18 years in ignorance of the basic law of life: NOTHING COMES FOR FREE!!!
i think ill post on that now.. thanks for the idea :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Another blogger, please don't use your dangerous bazooka/steth on me... Please... Please... Please let me live...

I rolled on the floor and laughed for [{(713*3)/(45)}+(12)]-(3.56) precise minutes... This should please you...

Well, I'm visiting for the first time... Shall surely visit again...

Keep going...

Anonymous said...

i laughed.. i am not gonna be blog girl!

ROFLOL said...

@another blogger
well i don`t completely agree with you...its just that how u perceive might appear a bit philosophical but nyways i shall b waitin for ur post under:D.

Another Blogger said...

@ Kido and the pink orchid : Thankyou... Thankyou. I am very pleased with myself now.
Keep reading :)

@ ROFLOL : From your comment i take it you have read my post on nothing being free. Philosophical - I try not to be.

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