Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last post of 2008

Happy new year to all of you!!!
Hope the New Year is filled with joy, prosperity and all the wonderful sounding words that the millions of greeting cards wish the New Year is filled with.

I do not believe in New Year resolutions.
Nor do I believe in a new year being a new beginning.
I do not believe anything much changes on January 1st 2009.
I think this day only marks the Earth successfully completing one revolution of the Sun and if the year was counted from April, The Fool’s day may very well be the beginning of a new year.
I apologize for being what Mr Scrooge was for Christmas.
This is what I think of new years.

The point is everyday can be a new beginning and a year can begin from any day you want it to begin from – changing the year from 2008 to 2009 is not that big a deal.

I sincerely hope all you readers have a great time in 2009.
I will be a final year medical student – meaning I am not sure of how often I will be able to post.
I shall try my best to keep enlightening all of you.

Keep reading – be it 2008 or 2009…


Jane Turley said...

You are right of course - every day has the capacity to be a new beginning but it's quite nice to have a point where we take the time to sit back, reflect and then look to the future. I think sometimes we are so busy working the rest of the year we don't take stock of our lives as we should.

It's a tough year ahead of you with all those exams coming up but somehow I think you'll do just fine! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you anyway and I'll look forward to reading your posts in between your studies.

Best Wishes for a happy and productive 2009,


perturbed perceiver said...

New year wishes..
Have a great year ahead...

The Genesis of Oblivion said...

Hey!..Happy New year!!..It's kind of sad you dont believe in making new year resolutions!! Its fun trying to make them last at least for a few days or for a few hours!! [=P]

a million different people said...

The New Year's greetings! :)

PS: New here, yes. :)

Another Blogger said...

@ Jane Turley : Thanks a lot!! and as far as keeping your fingers crossed is concerned - I'm pretty sure ill need it!! :)

@ Perturbed perceiver : Thank you, preeta. Let 2009 bring happiness in abundance for all of us!

@ Genesis of oblivion : the resolutions are always there - every single day... New year's or not - so i know exactly what you mean about them lasting 'a few hours'...

Another Blogger said...

@ a million different people : keep reading.. the enlightenment is sure to continue :)

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