Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Frog Prince

If you do not already know, let me let you know – I am an ardent fan of fairy tales and animated movies. This, on the contrary to what you may believe as true, is not because I believe or expect something of the sort to happen in my life. I love these stories and movies merely for the fact that they make me feel good – always.

I am pretty sure all the fairy tales are just twisted forms of reality. This post is going to be about by ‘real’ form of the Frog Prince.

For those of you who do not know the story of the Frog Prince let me enlighten you.
There are three forms of this tale existing that I am aware of. I personally like the Grimm’s version.

1) The Grimm’s version:
It begins with a princess, who is extremely spoilt and all she does all day is play with her ‘golden ball’ by tossing it up and trying to catch it. Since she is a retard, one fine day, she fails to catch it and the ball falls into a spring. There she sits and weeps – again because she is a retard.
Enter hero of our story – the ugly frog.
The smartass frog makes a deal with the retard princess and she agrees to let the frog eat with her, sleep with her and accepts the frog as her true love if the frog gets her ball back. Now the retard princess is pretty shrewd because she has no plans of keeping her promise. And hence, once she gets her ball, she runs back to her palace.
But she forgets, the hero of our story is not just an ugly frog – he is the smartass hero!
So the frog finds his way to the palace and reminds the princess of her promise. The king overhears their conversation (sneaky king!) and tells his daughter to keep her promise at all cost – the king actually makes his daughter sleep with a frog!
After three nights of the same old routine of eating form the same plate and sleeping on the same bed, the frog miraculously transforms into a handsome prince… and the rest is history.

2) The slightly modified version:
In this version the story remains the same until the frog comes to the palace. But in this version, the sight of the ugly frog and the thought of sleeping with him infuriates the princess and she flings the frog across her room. THUD!
Now, the retard psychopathic princess gets back to her senses and realizes she does not want to be a murderer; and she definitely does not want the animal rights activists hounding her. So she apologizes to the poor injured frog and kisses it.
The frog miraculously transforms into the handsome prince and he explains to her about the curse which she just broke. On his way out of her room the king sees them and Ahem! The rest is history.

3) The fairy tale version of the fairy tale:
I hate this version because it has no emotion in it.
It really has no ‘masala’.
And this is the version most of the children today know – which makes me hate it even more.
In this version the princess is this wonderful, loving, generous, meek creature who will do anything for anybody. One fine day while she is taking a stroll she sees this ugly frog weeping near a spring. She asks the frog what is wrong and he tells her he wants to be kissed – wtf!!!
Now since the princess is so wonderful, loving, generous and meek she kisses the ugly frog. The frog transforms into the prince and he asks her to marry him. The princess obviously does not know how to say ‘no’ to anybody so she agrees. The rest is history.

So that was the enlightening bit.
Now for what I deduce from these tales:
I believe the frog here represents an ugly man who is not worth much.
I believe he does not transform into any handsome prince.
I believe after spending three nights with him the princess falls in ‘love’ with him or after kissing him she falls in ‘love’ with him – probably he is amazing kisser.
And once you fall in love even an ugly frog can look like a handsome prince – because according to my very favourite Shakespeare, love is blind.

Hence there is no curse as such
– Unless you consider being born as an ugly, poor man a curse.
The miracle is just love.
Love breaks the barriers of riches and beauty in this tale.

I think my deduction is pretty awesome.
Let me know if you agree.


Anonymous said...

i liked the 2nd version thou!atleast the retard psychopathic princess gets back to her senses!
nice deductions!
i do agree!
cheers to the devi of enlightmnt!!hehe....

Another Blogger said...

Woah!! 'Devi of enlightenment'.. I'm on cloud number 9!!!
The second version is pretty nice too, but personally i like three nights version better than the kissing version - I honestly do not know why.
keep reading on the road to enlightenment!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must really have a strong dislike of people with special needs. Can't think of any other reason why you would demean and offend a group of people (you know, the ones you call retards)the way you did. Ever give a minutes thought that maybe, just maybe they have feelings? When people demean others, especially a group of people just doing the best they can, they are just bullies, plain and simple. Slurs hurt anyway you look at it.

Another Blogger said...

I do not have any dislike for what you consider I mean by the term 'retards' . In fact I do not refer to them by the term you seem to refer to them with. I call them mentally challenged. Here I use the term retard only to refer to a pompous spoilt brat who is too full of herself to realise her stupidity. If you do not understand what I write I kindly request you to not bring forth such accusations - Thankyou!

Criticizing and finding faults with others writing is easy. And it might make you feel like a hero to post such a comment about me being insensitive - but one small problem in this case. you don't knw who you are talking to. I know better than 99% of people out there how it is to be challeged. so.. i don't have to prove anything to you nor explain myself to anyone.

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