Sunday, 13 March 2011

In rehab and deserving it

Almost feels like my first post!

It has been forever since I posted and I realized that when a friend happened to post on the “wall” of a very addictive social network, unaware that I am officially under rehab – FB rehab.

Hence this post
– very appropriate a beginning to another end, if you ask me.

So what is it about facebook anyway?
I generally do not use names but I don’t think Mr Mark Zuckerberg will be much affected by my blog – he must still be wondering why the movie on him didn’t win the Oscar.
Back to bitching about facebook - Pardon the language – the past one year has made me more frustrated at depression than my usual frustrated, depressed self.

Does my friends list represent my friends in real life –HELL NO!

Unfortunately, for one whole month I accepted friend requests from people who shared mutual friends. BIG MISTAKE –because there are people as dumb as and maybe dumber than me who add based on the same stupid criterion.
End result – a horny, non-descript, irritating pervert who has access to my photo albums and has a friends list solely comprising the female gender.

That required cleaning up – which though a tedious process, finally, was very satisfying.

And then began my one month of Applications and games on Facebook. Even though I never went around to Farming, fishing and cooking, I unfortunately did enjoy losing fake money gambling and killing people in the pretext of me being a mafia gangster.
Both of this lead to me adding to my friends list a number of jobless, juvenile, losers; very much like myself, from all over the world, with whom I have not exchanged one word of conversation. I don’t even know their names and yet, there they are on my friends list.

That required cleaning up - after my computer crashed thanks to me trying to buy a multi-million dollar hotel from the money I got from murdering a gangster high up in the hierarchy. Mafia wars cost me two weeks of time on the internet, 4000 Rupees and lots of energy.
Energy saved up for blogging, perhaps.

The friends list cleared and kept in perfect condition, one fine day I just happened to look through people I was at least acquainted with on my friends list and I just realized what a hoax the whole thing is. I just went on to count the number of people I actually talk to. Those who know me know that I don’t talk to many people. I am not a friend who keeps friends - Probably something to do with my inherent laziness.

Anyway, I realized that those who mattered are not on facebook or have deleted me as a friend because of the bitch I have been to them; because friends that matter think facebook is important enough to let others know I am not a friend anymore, but not important enough to keep in contact through.

So here I am with friends in my Facebook who I barely talk to, snooping around in pictures of people I don’t even know, learning about gossip I don’t even want to know, putting up photos after much restriction knowing fully well my family will be viewing them, adding long lost relatives - who I have no idea about - to my friends list because I am obliged to, when I realize somewhere along the way what Mr Mark Zuckerberg wanted out of Facebook (other than the money) was completely lost in my case.

Maybe it is because I am not friendly, maybe it is because I am not sociable enough to enjoy the functioning of a social network, maybe it is because I am being a hypocrite in hating hypocrites because I am as hypocritical as a hypocrite can be, maybe it is because I was bitchy enough to make my friends delete me from their friend list. But whatever it was I was addicted to Facebook and frankly I had no right to be.

Hence I am under rehab.

P.S.: Wishing you all a very belated Happy new year!

P.S.S: In case you are wondering how to comment - it is the light green bubble near the title of the post - and this is the hopeful me hoping that is the reason I have no comments yet.


Anonymous said...

:D lol oooouch!

^Lejin^ said...

hey frankly speakin, miss ya on FB, bcozzz, your quirks are fun (lol) nd some even pokes the thought centers in the brain. Intellectual people please stay back on FB, its gettin crowded with stupid people these days!!

Anonymous said...

U know what your problem is ? U underestimate the power of friendship. No, wait ... u Ignore it completely!
If you spare sometime time for them u'd get to relax... off load some pressure... let go... and someone who runs thru life like you definitely needs a lot of friends...

Another Blogger said...

@Lejin and @Anonymous : FB is out of the question at least for a while. It is too addictive and time consuming, if not anything. Friendship ought to be easier than that.

@Lejin - you are right - FB is getting crowded with idiots and that is just unbearable.

@Anonymous - Thanks for the advice, I have sleeping for relaxing, it works best :)

tys said...

hey...been a long u r a doctor now...great..

man, i did the facebook suicide abt 3- 4 months ago...same reason as urs...but no pervs...somehow they dont find me very attractive...i shud be hurt but u learn to live with it...thing is, one day i realized that i actually have about 5 friends and then who are these 104 ? i kinda ended it...yep, one soul searching question and i think abt suicide...thank god in my days i was too stupid to realize that 80% marks is actually too low...

was reading ur post on new york...way to it really like ER or is it a lil like Scrubs?..iam me ignorant..but i always thought docs cant be having that much fun..but then i cud be wrong...theres something satisfying abt sewing and healing the injured and the sick, that can bring abt a latent sense of well being...

how u been? thanks for that u r here, keep in touch...have a great time in the big apple.

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