Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sinful fun

I have missed this.
I have terribly missed puking out my thoughts here.
But of late there just have been too many random thoughts zo0ming in and out that I am just not able to pick on any of them to actually puke!
And for a brief period I did consider the idea that I might not be too good at this – thanks to some people.
What matters is – I think I’m back! Just give me a few posts to warm up though.

I visited Europe!
Yes. It happened.
I went to Paris, Rome and mainly moved around in Netherlands.
Well, there isn’t much to discuss about my vacation except that it was awesome while I was there.
But now that I am back each and every moment there seems like a dream or maybe even a farce.
Lesson learnt: when something is too good to be true – it isn’t true!
If you can’t understand – don’t try, it is one of those random thoughts zooming by.

I thought I’d type out a few lines on one of my thoughts in Europe – a non-descript person did ask me if I would blog on it, but that has nothing to do with me blogging on it. If I were to follow the opinions of certain people my blog and I would have absolutely no self respect. And yes, my blog does have more self respect than many people in the world.

I am not very enlightened in the case of religions and their teachings. So if anybody out there knows more about this please do comment and share the enlightenment. Anyway, while I was in Europe we went to innumerable churches and places of worship. We also had lots of fun – lots of it. During one such fun day I was wondering if the fun I am having is actually sinful in the eyes of the Big Guy. Well I must say my thoughts weren’t clear but I clearly remember voicing my thoughts – big mistake.

So I was wondering why most religions consider activities of recreation, that people my age might succumb to, sinful. And I was thinking so hard I couldn’t come up with any other conclusion than – maybe the Big Guy just doesn’t like us having fun.
But then that seemed mighty wrong.
He would never do such a thing – would he?
Maybe it is because he wants to teach us about self control.
Well, that seemed very plausible.
But I don’t understand the whole self control prison. Most of the time, we just confine ourselves in these little boxes not even letting our best thoughts break out wondering if it might be morally correct.
Some religions are more confining than others; does this mean that some people have more self control because of the religion they practice? Does this mean that they have more trouble expressing their inner most primitive being because of the fear of sinning?

This post, honestly, is not my piece of cake. I really dislike the idea of blogging on this. Bu it happened to be one of the clearer thoughts I have been having – and yes I am trying hard to get my brain to work more, I think not blogging has made me an easy target for making a fool out of for the last few months – if that is possible!

Anyway continuing my line of thought – moral obligations keeping us from committing a crime are ones that I totally understand. But somehow, somewhere I think the Big Guy just went overboard while trying to make us good people. Now we are, in a way, suppressed people.
And suppressed people are ticking bombs.

Another thought that hit me was that maybe these ‘sins’ are fun because they are sins!
Humans, disgusting creatures as they are, tend to have a rush when they do something they’re not supposed to do. I honestly think men have this rush more than women considering the number of cheating husbands and boyfriends. But that is beside the point. Maybe it is because of this rush that some sins have become fun.
And if that is the case I have a wonderful idea.
We should make things like being generous, helping those in need, being truthful, sins. Every time a person wants to have fun (which basically always) they’ll commit sins and since these sins are actually not sins we will actually be doing something great for the society.
I know we have a long way to go.
But keep an open mind and actually think about it – it might work.

I think it is time I stop typing, before I commit blasphemy – or did I, already?


Elessar said...

does sinful fun exist?
as in: something tht's fun and sinful to the same person?

what's fun to me may be sinful to others...

^Lejin^ said...

its said the Big Guy wants to know if we're self serving or the Boss serving kinda ppl, nd whole Life is just a testin process, whichs rewards are yet to come! nd the Big Guy also says if u dint concentrate on the FUN too much, ud have no rush after all. It comes down to the question of if we're put down on earth to have 'fun' or anythin more or anythin else!!

Cephas Atheos said...

Yeah, see, that's the killer question, isn't it? If you ask this question directly to a believer (of any of the Big Guys), you tend to get gobbledygook for an answer.

You know : "He moves in mysterious ways", or "As long as it's the kind of fun the Big Guy approves of, you're fine!". Which begs the question : which Big Guy? 'Cause if you pick the wrong Big Guy, well, you're not going to have much fun when you die!

Another helpful question to ask is, "If the Big Guy is such a compassionate, loving, and caring entity, why do so many people have such horrific lives, and so many even more horrific deaths, every day, all day, everywhere?"

I think THAT's a question you've already answered yourself. There is no more compassionate, loving, caring work than medicine.

End result : there isn't a Big Guy. We not only don't need him, we really don't want such a cowardly, inhuman, hateful, dispassionate being. Because, if he did exist, that's what he'd have to be, in order to understand how he works in the world.

You have more spirit, more compassion, and more common sense than any or all of the deities we've designed for ourselves over the centuries. And you know infinitely more about the human body than any of those so-called "gods"!

Think about it - your knowledge would quite literally make you seem like a god to anyone in the 19th century, let alone to anyone living in 6000 BCE!! What an astonishing, amazing person you'd be to those people! You'd be able to save thousands and thousands of lives, just by knowing how the human body works. Imagine all the babies you could give the gift of life to, or depressed people you could help treat, or injuries you could fix, instead of letting nature take its course and then believe the sick or broken were possessed by demons.

I've made my decision, long ago. And I think you've already made yours.

I hope this helps in some tiny way.
- Pete

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